How Animated Explainer Videos Can Boost Email Open Rates

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Email marketing has been part of online marketing campaigns since the beginning. However, as times change, there are also changes in how companies tackle marketing campaigns online. But despite being an old-fashioned tactic to promote products and services, it’s still an effective way to target audiences that may need or want the products or services offered by companies.

But the difference between then and now is what the emails contain. Nowadays, a video explainer is better content than relying on texts alone. Email recipients can watch the video and better understand the campaign through animated video explainer videos. But how do explainer videos help in boosting email marketing? Here are some ideas.

1. Promotes Connection Between Company and Clients

Explainer videos are perfect for explaining what a product is and what it can do. Video explainer campaigns are also great in boosting its brand and its relationship with clients. The client or prospect gets to see how the product or service works and benefits them. At the same time, the company uses video to connect with the client or candidate personally.

2. Boosts SEO Rankings

The use of explainer videos has a significant impact on building a company’s brand. Developers and marketers can find ways to create a video that can increase the company’s SEO rankings. An explainer video can increase the brand’s exposure and get a higher conversion rate.

Aside from being a great marketing tactic, explainer videos also boost the search engine ranking of a company’s product or service. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! use videos as a ranking factor to determine how a particular website ranks. The more videos a website has the more chances of getting a higher search engine ranking.

3. Drives Targeted Traffic

Video explainer campaigns can drive targeted traffic to the company’s website. Explainer videos can effectively get the company’s message across to targeted markets. A powerful call to action can support the news.

Video explainer campaigns are a great way to deliver a message to a targeted market. When a video is uploaded to a website, it is displayed in its video section. The video may get picked up by sites that share the same niche in the future.

4. Boosts Products and Services Inquiries

Video explainer campaigns are a great way to boost conversions and sales. Most of the videos created by companies these days are opt-in videos. The purpose of opt-in videos is to encourage people to sign up for newsletters and product updates. The more opt-in videos a company has, the higher the chances of getting more inquiries about what the product or service has to offer.

5. Captures Audience Attention

Video explainer campaigns can capture audience attention, making the video more effective. There are people who are more inclined to watch videos than to read through texts. With a video, they won’t have to scroll through pages of text to fully understand and appreciate the campaign.


Email marketing is a great way to promote products and services online. Businesses can use the amount of traffic they can get as a source of income. But it’s also a good practice to use explainer videos as a source of income as well. With explainer videos embedded in email messages, businesses are bound to get more inquiries and sales.

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