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7 Tips for Creating Great Corporate Videos

If the words ‘corporate video’ make your eyes glaze over then you’re not alone. Unfortunately, corporate videos tend to have a reputation for being bland and boring. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right creative team behind them, your company’s videos can be entertaining and informative at the same time. 

Here are some tips for creating great corporate videos. 

1. Define Your Audience

While commercial ads are intended to appeal to a wide audience of people who may be unfamiliar with your brand, corporate videos usually provide more information for those who already have some knowledge of your company. 

Corporate videos can include explainer videos, company history, brand philosophies, or a customer focus. 

These videos are usually presented on your company’s website, can be shared on social media and even used in training or conferences. 

With this in mind, it’s important to define your audience and key messages so that you can communicate your unique value to this selection of people.

It might sound risky to narrow down your message too much, but trying to cram in everything and appeal to everyone is even riskier.

A well-defined audience means that your videos will target a specific group of people and their concerns. Ultimately, this will have a much bigger impact than a corporate video without an audience focus. 

2. Hire Professionals 

Your marketing team knows who your audience is, but it’s best to hire professionals to make sure that your corporate video gets the message across to them. 

The right video production team should listen to your input and use it to fuel their creative ideas about how to present your message in a compelling way. 

With plenty of opportunities for edits and feedback, hiring a professional team will simplify the process of representing your brand in a high-quality corporate video.  

3. Make an Emotional Connection

It’s easy to get carried away with dates, facts and figures when it comes to creating a corporate video. 

However, this information is hard to digest and very difficult to remember. It also has little chance of really resonating with your audience. 

Your cleaning products may be 10% more effective at killing bacteria than your competitors’, but the fact that the local hospital uses them is something that people can relate to and remember.  

Making this emotional connection with your audience will inspire more faith and loyalty in your brand. It will also make your corporate videos much more shareable on social media.  

4. Tell the Story

There is some debate about whether our attention spans have decreased due to technological advances in recent years. But, it is true that there are more distractions constantly vying for our time. 

A good corporate video should capture and hold the audience’s attention away from these distractions.

The advantage of videos over other forms of marketing media is that they have the potential to engage the viewer by showing the story through compelling visual content. 

So, don’t waste the opportunity to capture the visual attention of your audience. Show the story rather than telling it. Show what your products do and why your customers choose your brand. This will have a much greater impact than explaining everything in words.  

5. Create a Narrative

Although your corporate video will only be around two or three minutes long, that doesn’t mean that it can’t have a beginning, a middle and an end. 

A simplified version of the classical narrative structure is to hook the viewer with an enticing set-up, create tension with obstacles, and then reach a climax before the final resolution. 

Your narrative will need a protagonist, which could be a customer, your company, your company’s founder, or even one of your products.

And your protagonist will need an aim. Whether it’s to start their own company or to find true love, the audience needs to be aware of what the protagonist wants to achieve in order to become invested. 

The obstacles that your protagonist faces will create tension which can then be resolved before the climax and, hopefully, a happy ending. 

Although this isn’t the only way to present your video, designing a narrative in this style can be a good way to inject some imagination into the creative process of making corporate videos. 

6. Focus on the Customer

Knowing who your audience is isn’t enough to create engaging corporate videos for them. Their main reason they will want to watch your video is to see how you can solve their problems.  

Despite this, it’s still common for companies to produce corporate videos which focus on themselves rather than their customers.  

To really engage with your audience you need to put yourselves in their shoes and consider what matters to them. If it’s relevant you can draw inspiration from your company’s history or aims, but it must be information that the customer will relate to.   

The objective of your corporate video should be to present the customer as the focus of your brand, and position your company as the unique solution to the problems they face. 

7. Share Your Beliefs

Although your audience should be the focus of your corporate video, you should also use the video as an opportunity to share your company’s beliefs. 

Your brand purpose and beliefs are what differentiate you from competitors and give your company something to stand for, unrelated to your own commercial success. 

Ensure your company’s beliefs are clearly presented in your corporate video as these beliefs will also inspire confidence, loyalty, and trust in your brand. 

Think about why you’re here and what your intentions are for your customers, beyond just a vague idea of wanting to help them. To buy into your corporate video, your audience will need to buy into why you do what you do. 

How to Make Engaging Corporate Videos: Bottom Line 

Creating a corporate video doesn’t have to be a daunting process.

By following these tips, your next corporate video is sure to be entertaining and informative, and will have your audience watching right to the end!

If you’ve got any questions about creating a corporate video for your company, get in touch with us today. Our knowledgeable and helpful team will be happy to guide you through the process. 

Optimization Tips for YouTube | A Guide to Ranking on Google

To say that a video is going to be viral on YouTube is an overly positive sentiment of many. But with the number of content uploaded every minute, which is about 100 hours, others are beginning to think that there is a very tiny chance of getting noticed. While it is quite difficult to get a high number of views in a short time, it is also not impossible. We have seen it happen. Some say that it all depends on how lucky you are because no one knows the formula to making a viral video. That may be true, but it also helps a lot to know a few optimization tips for youtube to give your video a boost.


A creative and great content is a major factor in optimizing your video successfully. In fact, it is so vital that it is deemed impossible to generate good views without it. Of course you can’t expect to drive traffic to your channel if your video’s content is not worth sharing either. So, because your main goal is to get a significant amount of views then what you should offer is something that’s either informative or entertaining, engaging, and likely to be shared. Traffic will come from different sources and not from YouTube alone, but there is a good analytics tool that allows tracking of those sources. If the content of your video is really outstanding, there is a great chance that other websites will share it.



These two contribute a lot to making your video discoverable. Because YouTube has no means of understanding the exact content of your video, it relies on the text that you associate with it. That is why it is important that you include brand keywords when you tag, and also, keep yourself from doing irrelevant tagging. Google Trends is an excellent tool that you can use to identify relevant non-brand keywords.


Writing and uploading closed-caption files for your video can also help your optimization strategy. Transcribed videos get higher ranks because of the access to information in various formats that they allow.


A strong call to action is something that should really be found in your video description box and within YouTube annotations. These annotations can help improve not only viewership, but also engagement. However, care should be taken when using annotations because when use them incorrectly they can be really distracting. Make sure that they are found in an unobtrusive part of the video.

It is really a difficult, if not altogether impossible to gauge if your videos will go viral or at least generate a substantial number of views. But if you follow these optimization tips for youtube, then you are definitely going to have greater chances!

Take a look at this blog article for more information and contact us if you have any questions.

Explainer Video Services for that All Important segment of your advertising: Video!

The importance of video to any advertising budget cannot be overstated. If the medium is the message, the message your business should be getting is that without video, you will not have any kind of effective advertising.

In today’s fast paced, visual world, the status of video as a primary advertising tool is increasing, while other forms of advertisement (print, word of mouth) are gradually fading. A competent video advertising company understands that if your company is going to stay competitive, video advertising has to be a significant part of your budget. Below are just a few statistics that illuminate the cyclone-force importance of video advertising to grow your company.

In 2015 alone, the statistics on video marketing are as follows:

  • 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium
  • The average Internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video than on a website without video advertising
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it
  • Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. (A conversion, or to convert means to take an interested or potential buyer and turn them into a secured buyer)
  • 59% of viewers will watch a video to completion that is less than one minute long. Despite all this, only 24% of brands are using online video to market their brand to consumers

Source: CodeFuel Monetization Blog; “Video Marketing Statistics for 2015”

Go with the Pros

Before we go any farther, let’s make some distinctions. Professionally produced videos created by individuals familiar with the trade is what you should be looking at. Anything else is literally a shot in the dark. You do not want to trust your brand marketing to anyone other than a pro, and a video services company that explains your product clearly are the pros your brand needs. Awareness, branding, brand affinity and brand advocacy all start with a professionally produced video that delineates the merits of your products and services over anybody else offering similar products.

A well shot and produced video leaves your potential clients with a good feeling about your company, (they took the time and the care!) another step toward gaining those coveted conversions. Believe me, your sales staff will thank you.

Epic Video Services offers all manner of video based advertising, from television advertising to web videos to videos specific to the mobile phone platform. We go out of our way to identify your target market or audience and craft an award quality advertising video geared toward them. Without an in-depth analysis of whom you are trying to sell to, and the product you are trying to sell, we could not create the advertising that will keep your sales staff happy and humming along.

The creative crew of editors, script writers, sound engineers and audio composers (yes, we can even create a jingle for you) all have the one goal in mind: to rocket your brand to the front of the pack and keep it there. In today’s high stakes, high pressure business world, you (and your company) have to take advantage of all the tools offered to you to get ahead and stay there. When you are ready to take that all important step into the world of video advertising, contact us.

Company Need A Boost? Try Explainer Video Services

Explainer video services provide clients with short marketing videos that detail a company or product.  These days, they are usually on the home page of a company’s website.  These videos provide a short and digestible transfer of information from a company to potential clients or users.  Good explainer video services generally follow the same process and contain all the elements below:

  • Script and storyboard
  • Voiceovers
  • Production
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • Delivery
  • Performance Measurement

The fundamental questions to answer when planning an explainer video are, “What is the problem?” and “How does our service/product solve this problem?”  Most full service companies will walk you through this process.  If your explainer video is successful, you should see an impact in the data relatively quickly. 

Good explainer video services should also offer multiple types of video production options.  Some popular ones are:

  • Live – Having real people explain a product or service often creates a stronger connection between the video and those watching. 
  • Animated – most popular and offer many creative options for intangible objects.
  • Whiteboard – a type of animation that is hand-drawn on a whiteboard and generally less costly.

Explainer video service will make sure your call to action is clear and share the successes your product/service has experience such as awards, endorsements, and well-known clients.  The videos usually benefit from being simple and funny in order to quickly engage the viewer.

Fortunately, Epic Video Factory has years of experience providing these services to clients, and most of these concerns are taken off of your plate.  Contact us to learn more about our services, explore your options, and take the first step to increasing your visibility with a beautiful new explainer video.

Why Do You Need Explainer Video Service? Here are Four Reasons

To us, it’s clear why someone might need explainer video service, but you might need some convincing. If you do, here are four reasons to consider.

  • Visual Medium: While a headline might grab your attention, an image keeps it. Do you remember the New York Time’s headline from yesterday? Or do you remember Grumpy Cat? The web has become the medium through which many of today’s companies are conducting business. And they’re doing it through videos. These videos allow their webpage to leverage not only texturally what their company does, but by summarizing what it does visually. It can leave a lasting impression.
  • Time Constraints: In a fast-paced society where too many people have to work through their lunch hour, it’s important to gain an edge. Sometimes, customers only have a couple of minutes, and that’s where a brief company video comes in handy. In a world where seconds count, videos can make the difference.
  • Affordable Rates: When analog was king and television advertising ruled with an iron fist, the idea of a quality, business video was       cost-prohibitive for most. Today though, the Internet has opened a world of possibilities for most businesses. Now, the digital revolution has created  quality video service, at affordable rates.
  • Ranking: Webpage rankings can’t be underestimated. Having a video itself doesn’t guarantee a boost in your page ranking. But being able to place your video on YouTube allows it to be indexed by Google which can lead to brand recognition. To increase your ranking, it’s imperative to use SEO video techniques, like keywords and search terms. Videos are a powerful way upgrade your company’s marketing strategy and help your company grow.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us. Thanks.

Why Animated Explainer Videos are Successful

As in mainstream film, explainer video productions range widely in style and technique. Unlike mainstream film, however, the most popular style for explainer videos is animation. If you’re considering your stylistic options for an explainer video to represent your business, there are several reasons why animation might be the best way to go.


Businesses are constantly tweaking their message. There is risk involved when using live action if you one day want to update your explainer video or create an additional one. What if your actor has moved or majorly changed his or her appearance? Potential consumers expect consistency. Animation is consistent (i.e. Homer Simpson hasn’t aged in 25 years!). By using animation, you will not depend on any external factors.

Invite them into your unique world 

By creating an explainer video, you are inviting potential customers into your world. Animation can present a world that is unique to your brand. You are showing audiences something that only you can provide, a vision that won’t have associations with the external world.

Endless possibilities 

Animation represents endless possibilities. It is, after all, a medium tightly linked to childhood and imagination. You can have flying pigs, talking dogs, and characters exactly as you imagine. For your audience, animation will translate to the possibility and potential you can provide.


An animated character is simply a few shapes juxtaposing to represent a human, animal, or whatever it is you’re bringing to life. It’s simple and straightforward, which is what you want your message to be. Simplicity sticks.

The number of people who prefer to consume information through watching video rather than reading text is increasing each year. With an animated explainer video, you can effortlessly welcome them into the world of your business.

Please contact us if you have any questions about explainer videos, or if you’re interested in creating one.

Why Toronto Animated Video Production is the Best Choice for Flexibility

When creating content for your business, you will benefit the most from evergreen content, which can stay relevant, regardless of how much time passes. However, there are also advantages that come with focusing on the newest information, and this is because you can gain exposure through trends.

An excellent way to get the best of both worlds is by investing in Toronto animated video production, which allows high-quality content to be created, but while also giving you the flexibility you need.

Make Changes as Needed

After an animated video has been created, several weeks, months, or years down the line, there may be some changes that make the video irrelevant to current and future viewers. Fortunately, there is an easy solution because the video is animated, which means it can be edited to accommodate the changes.

It is a huge benefit of animated video production compared to live action, and one that cannot be overlooked, especially for businesses that only intend on making or needing small changes in the future.

Simpler to Brand

Live action video production is limited in many ways because it is live action, there are only so many ways you can adjust the lighting color schemes and still maintain a professional look.

However, when you have an animated video, there are so many ways to go about its creation. It is easier to brand and blend an animated video with your business because there are just more possibilities.

Better Control of Outcome

When it comes to live action, you generally have to rely on the weather, actors, film crew, and more for everything to go smoothly, and it still might not produce an ideal outcome. However, animated videos give you nearly complete control as videos can be edited until they meet every need.

Get the flexibility you want with Toronto animated video production and contact us today.

Let an Explainer Video Service Describe Your Product for Better Conversion Rates

Using videos to promote products has become very popular in recent years, but many who try it end up missing the mark. That’s because they focus too heavily on the advertising aspect, so the end result ends up feeling like a TV ad. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to watch straight-up advertising unless it’s during the Super Bowl. Instead, they would rather see videos that have a more informative slant.

The best videos out today are best described as “explainer videos.” These are short spots that explain the use of a product or service. It may seem like a simple product doesn’t need any explanations, but in reality, even the most basic items can benefit from these soft-sell ads. They allow people who aren’t familiar with a product to watch someone actually handling it and see how simple it really is.

If the product is more complex, explainer videos are even more important. In these cases, they can be essential for people who need to see exactly what a manual is talking about. Many types of software truly need videos that show just what needs to be clicked, what features are behind each tab, and what to type into boxes that prompt for information.

Companies don’t need to worry about learning videography to make good explainers. Instead, they should hire a top-notch explainer video service to do the work for them. The service will handle everything: Writing the script, doing the storyboard, hiring actors, having the actors portray the scene, editing, and turning the final product into an MP4 file. Once the customer has the file, it can be uploaded to YouTube and other video sites. Explainer video services also offer other formats, so those who want their video as something other than an MP4 need only ask about these possibilities.

To learn more about our explainer video service and get started on ordering one of our custom videos, just contact us. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and provide a video that people will want to watch!

Qualities that Top Explainer Video Companies Can Provide

When it comes to making an explainer video for your business, you have the option to do it on your own, or use a service with professionals that already have extensive experience. Although you may save money in the beginning by making your own video, you are likely to lack the qualities that a professionally-made explainer video possesses, so checking out the top explainer video companies is recommended.

Understanding the qualities that one of these companies can bring to the table will help you see why spending time, money, and effort on working with an explainer video company is good for business.

Presenting the Message at the Right Time

It is important to grab the attention of a potential customer, but you do not want to delay the message too long to the point they have already stopped watching your video. Ideally, an explainer video should lay out the message you want to get across within 30 seconds, but you want to do it in a natural manner. Introducing a problem and a solution that you can provide is a great way to get the message across.

Talk to the Intended Audience

Even when your target audience is very broad, you can still talk to the audience. Using the correct terms can go a long way in making viewers feel engaged, which is exactly what you want them to feel like. In addition to providing your overall message, you need to use this video as a way to gain trust, and this can be accomplished by letting it be known that you are there to help your viewers solve their problems.

Create and Deliver a Story

If you can, telling a story is an amazing way to get a positive response from viewers. For instance, when a viewer is able to relate to the person in the story, they are more likely to consider using your business. An animated video can do a great job of telling any kind of story due to the lack of limitation.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about explainer video production.

Using Scene and Sound Variety to Keep Attention in a Corporate Video Production

Creating a corporate video production that explains how to do an important task can be a challenge when so many similar videos easily become tedious without thought put in. But professional video production takes into account you need variety in any video to keep everyone’s attention. How many explainer videos have you watched over the years where they kept the same continuous shots going to a point of driving you to sleep?

Here at Epic Video Factory, we guarantee the avoidance of video production repetitiveness, especially in training videos. However, what can you do to bring variety in your video shots so you’ll keep audience attention spans every minute? Some of this has to do with the clever use of sound as well as visual tricks.

Changing the Shot, Narration, and Sound

With today’s attention spans sometimes shortening within just 10 seconds, an explainer video should change shots within the same rate of time. Whether that be placing a graphic on the screen, or perhaps taking a different angle, the brain will process this as being a more active video than it really is.

The same could be said of narration when the same voice can sometimes put people into a hypnotic state of boredom. It doesn’t hurt to use more than one narrator who alternate to provide variety to the sound of voices.

Within the aspect of sound, other audio helps keep people awake during explainer videos. Differing sound effects that keep people engaged can potentially add some life to the production. Make sure those sounds are appropriate to the style of the video so you don’t use one that’s unintentionally funny. Then again, a little humor in an explainer video is more than good when it’s skilled. It’s something we work hard to achieve with many other companies every day.

Contact us here at Epic Video Factory so we can create an explainer video that gives plenty of entertaining variety in visuals and sound. We’ll show you our portfolio of similar work if you’ve been stumped for ideas. However, you’re going to be happy with our results when you need to make employees learn something imperative to the success of your company.