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We have told hundreds of stories, let us tell yours.

Epic Video Factory is a custom video studio that crafts expert explainer videos for your business.

Everything we do here is well-crafted, appealing and convincing. These videos are carefully and expertly designed to explain your service, product and/or company in a simple easy to understand way. This is accomplished in two minutes or less.

They get right to the point and cover benefits, features, the problem and the solution. Keeping it short and engaging while conveying all the necessary information is an art form.

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"The team at Epic Video was very professional and prompt with their service. We changed our minds a few times and they were very accommodating. The end product was extremely well produced. Thank you very much!"
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Boost Brand Awareness

There are several reasons why explainer videos from us can increase your sales and boost your brand awareness. Convincing viewers that you’re credible is the first step to selling online. One of these videos puts a face to your goods and services. These are the perfect way to convince customers that you are trustworthy.

Explainer videos also tell visitors that you sell an outstanding product and will stand behind it with industry-leading customer service

Why not let us help?

Epic Video Factory can steer you in the right direction so you get the most from our professional custom video studio. Here’s how our simple straightforward explainer videos’ process works.

Getting these done right the first time is our priority. It all starts with the process of discovery. We get to know you and your goods and services through a questionnaire and some phone calls.

Next comes the scripting process. We can deliver it to you within seven days and any revisions back to you within two business days. Storyboards, illustrations and voiceovers are the next pieces of your explainer videos puzzle

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"I cannot thank you enough for such a fantastic work! The video is amazing with great attention to detail. Thank you so much! It was definitely the right decision to work with your team of professionals."
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All The Ingredients

Once we have all the ingredients, our video production team goes straight to work. Epic Video Factory is dedicated to making sure you get the video that will help your business grow. Our professional services create products that are clear and concise and focus on a conversational tone that sells and engages.

We know how business works and the benefits of excellent explainer videos focus on benefits and not features. You’ll get a specific call to action with each and every one that will turn visitors into paying customers.

Take a few minutes and check out the customer testimonials on the website. These are from SMB owners and folks who were impressed with the quality of service they got and the quick turnaround times. Why not get connected with us today to learn more about how these explainer videos work?