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Build your brand, claim your niche, and sell more of what you offer, with an engaging, persuasive Explainer Video.

Epic Video Factory specializes in superior-quality video creation and production services.

Here at our custom video studio, our team of animated explainer video experts have crafted the perfect video message for businesses around the globe. We love what we do, and we rock hard every day to create perfect video pitches. Whether you’re established and want to build your brand bigger, or a startup that needs to get the word out to the world about your new product or service, the team here at Epic Video Factory can create a video that gets noticed, gets clicks, builds your brand and creates a steady flow of sales.

The Internet is Constantly Evolving

Explainer Video Production

That includes web CONTENT, the lifeblood of millions of businesses big and small. The challenge?  Creating new, fresh, attractive and persuasive content that stands out like a sunflower in a field of daisies is getting tougher every day.

The answer? VIDEOS. Specifically explainer videos, those little advertising gems that are like mini TV shows.  Explainer videos do just what their name implies, explain things to the viewer, including facts about your service or product, your business, your mission and much more.

In 1 or 2 minutes a well-made explainer not only explains, it also entertains, persuades and convinces the viewer that what you’re offering is something they MUST have, right now!

When you consider that an explainer video will likely be the viewer’s first introduction to your company, start-up or brand, you understand why they need to be engaging, informative and fun, with a message that the average person will understand almost immediately.

THAT is what we do here at Epic.

What Can a well-crafted, appealing and convincing Explainer Video Do for Your Business, Start-up or Brand?

An explainer video will keep viewers past the all-important 8-second mark.
That’s the time you have to land them or lose them, and the videos we make here at Epic land them hard and fast, to give you a better chance of making a sale.

It can increase conversions.
An explainer video can increase conversions (i.e. sales) on your website, by convincing viewers that you’re trustworthy, offer a great product and stand behind it with excellent customer service.

It can be a great way to pitch.
An explainer video is the perfect pitch machine. They’re colourful, eye-catching and can be fun while also informative and educational. You don’t even have to make a pitch at all, as long as the message is powerful and persuasive.

It can generate attention from search engines.
An explainer video can help you climb the Google ladder with SEO that’s hard to beat, bringing in all sorts of new customers. And don’t forget YouTube, the biggest video platform on earth and 2nd biggest search engine, proving that the public LOVES videos.

It can easily reflect your brand’s culture and character.
An explainer video tells the story of your brand’s culture, history and character. Done right, it can leave a lasting, positive impression that will pay dividends for years, as customers connect with you and pledge their undying loyalty.

Film Rolling

Ready to Get Noticed, and Grow Your Brand Big?

If you’re thinking of hiring a team of freelancers, or you’re relying on your people to become explainer video experts, STOP RIGHT NOW.

Epic Video Factory can save you hours and hours of frustration as well as thousands of dollars.  In fact, we can have your fully-customized animated explainer video ready in 4 to 6 weeks from the time you put down your deposit.

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What can you use your explainer video for?

-Explain how your product works.

-Explain what benefits viewers will receive.

-Explain the story of your brand and how it started.

-Explain how to use your services.

-Explain to staff what their duties and responsibilities are.

-Bring a presentation to vibrant, animated life.

-Train new employees on their specific job. 

And so many more you could fill a book.

Explainer videos can explain something complicated in more understandable terms and, even better, do it quickly, so that you don’t lose their attention halfway through. You can also use them to send your customers an important message, without making them feel like you’re only there to ‘sell them’.

You Only Get 1 Chance to Make a First Impression


Can you make an explainer video on your own, or with your staff’s help?  Sure.  There are several platforms that empower you to do just that.  But…do you really want the first video your potential customers see to be something a bunch of amateurs threw together, with ridiculously bad animation and a script that sounds like it was written by a moody teenager?

Probably not.

So, if you’d like to get an Animated Explainer Video, and all the brand-building, fan-making, affinity-creating, sale-producing benefits it can bring, come to the best; Epic Video Factory.

We’re here for 1 reason; to make you look amazing on video.

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