Animated Explainer Videos: 6 Reasons Why They’re Effective

Animated Explainer Videos

You’ll undoubtedly notice something when you go through your social media feeds: businesses upload videos more than anything else. Admit it: You’ve seen (and perhaps even tried) more than one of those cookery videos or viral advertisements that everyone raves about. There’s no denying that video has surpassed text as the most popular form of social media content. 

Creating An Animated Explainer Video 

Look no further than the animated explainer video service in Toronto if you seek one of the most powerful marketing strategies available. 

An explainer video is a brief (typically between one and three minutes) animated video that concisely describes your product, company, or service while employing animated characters. The animated explainer is more in-depth advertising designed to offer customers a clearer idea of who you are and what you do.

Explainer Videos’ Animation Is Captivating

Most of us identify animation with positive childhood memories of pleasure and whim. Even if your brand isn’t known for being whimsical or amusing, animation can nevertheless tell a captivating tale to users. It’s entertaining to watch. The level of scrutiny with which information is perceived is also reduced with animation.

Explainer Videos Communicate Your Message

Explainer films assist potential customers in immediately grasping the nature of your product or service and why it is important to them. Explainer videos combine visual and aural stimuli to describe an idea, product, brand, or service easy-to-understand manner. It has been established that combining video and audio improves retention over either one alone.

Users of social media have short attention spans. According to research, most individuals lose interest within three minutes, and they don’t want to be yanked out of their social experience for too long.

Explainer Videos Show Your Story

When story writers work on their craft, they frequently hear that they should show rather than tell their story. Explainer films are an excellent way to illustrate and express what you want to say about your business, product, or service.

Explainer Videos Provide Online Education

Consumers nowadays expect to have instant access to a wealth of information. This is possible with explainer videos. Nearly 95% of people have used explainer videos to learn more about a product or service. Furthermore, approximately 81% of individuals have been persuaded to purchase a product or service after watching an explanation film!

And, if customers like the videos and tutorials supplied, they may interact with the brand further by subscribing to their channel or following them on social media.

The only thing businesses need to remember is to upload high-quality video content if they want to benefit from the reach of platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Explainer Videos May Be Measured

Video is more easily measurable than any other form of social media approach. You can monitor how many people watched your video, where you lost viewers, and how many conversions came from that video. You can see exactly who you reached out to and how they responded and make any required modifications.

Explainer Videos Are An Effective Marketing Tool

Video marketing is a tried-and-true marketing strategy that has consistently increased conversion rates. You know that video is becoming a more crucial component of your strategy if you’re a marketer.

And suppose you’re not included in working with an animated explainer video company in your video marketing strategy. In that case, you’re overlooking one of the most effective ways to raise brand recognition and showcase your company’s products and services.


An excellent explainer video should be both educational and entertaining to watch. Investing in an animated explainer film pays off in various ways, beginning with social media promotion. To be competitive on social media platforms, you must be innovative and unique.

Make a script with your creative team that tells your brand’s story and has a distinct tone. With attention-grabbing animation and high-quality voiceover, you can inform, engage, and thrill your viewers. Remember to contact an animated explainer video company, as they can assist you in creating a professional animated video that will engage customers and provide real results!

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