Why Video is Valuable for SEO

Why Video is Valuable for SEO

Building a following for websites is all about driving traffic – getting people to look at your site, see something they like, and turn from a passive viewer into a paying customer (or what’s referred to as conversion). The largest hurdle is often the first step: actually getting them to take a look. There are a number of ways to boost initial visits from people who may never have previously heard of you but the most important is to be ranked highly on search engines – and specifically on Google. The group of strategies applied to make that happen is called search engine optimization, or SEO. Video is a critical part of any SEO strategy. Here’s why.

YouTube is Google

YouTube is the largest provider of video on the internet by far. It’s also owned by Google which means videos relevant to searches will rank on Google’s search results which gives a savvy business owner another path to getting a client. Even if this wasn’t the case YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – which means you can gain access to an entire client base that may not even be using Google for particular searches. Providing informative or entertaining videos gives an avenue for you to sell to people who may not yet realize they want to buy your product. Simply having a reasonably sized presence on YouTube can bring you significant additional business.

Strong Conversion

Google also measures something called ‘dwell time’ which is the amount of time a visitor spends on a webpage after clicking a link. The idea is that the longer the time spent the more likely the visitor found the answer they were searching for. Videos can provide compelling content that keeps eyes on your site – resulting in both a greater chance of client conversion and a higher search ranking to bring in even more possible customers.

Easy to Share

We live in world where connection through social networks is ubiquitous. Due to the sheer amount of information that passes across their social feeds it takes something special to grab people’s attention. A well-made video is not only something that can get people thinking it’s also something that is remarkably easy to share. The more your video gets shared the higher its search engine rank will be. Remember, when you think of the word ‘viral’ in relation to media it’s always followed by the word ‘video.’ There’s a reason for that – video can present a simple and compelling narrative in a way that other media cannot.

Video is important, even crucial, to the SEO success of a business. Leverage the power of video wisely and you’ll see an improvement in both traffic and conversion rates. If you need outstanding custom video content for your website or business Epic Video Factory can help. Contact us today.