Using Scene and Sound Variety to Keep Attention in a Corporate Video Production

Using scene and sound variety to keep attention in a corporate video production

Creating a corporate video production that explains how to do an important task can be a challenge when so many similar videos easily become tedious without thought put in. But professional video production takes into account you need variety in any video to keep everyone’s attention. How many explainer videos have you watched over the years where they kept the same continuous shots going to a point of driving you to sleep?

Here at Epic Video Factory, we guarantee the avoidance of video production repetitiveness, especially in training videos. However, what can you do to bring variety in your video shots so you’ll keep audience attention spans every minute? Some of this has to do with the clever use of sound as well as visual tricks.

Changing the Shot, Narration, and Sound

With today’s attention spans sometimes shortening within just 10 seconds, an explainer video should change shots within the same rate of time. Whether that be placing a graphic on the screen, or perhaps taking a different angle, the brain will process this as being a more active video than it really is.

The same could be said of narration when the same voice can sometimes put people into a hypnotic state of boredom. It doesn’t hurt to use more than one narrator who alternate to provide variety to the sound of voices.

Within the aspect of sound, other audio helps keep people awake during explainer videos. Differing sound effects that keep people engaged can potentially add some life to the production. Make sure those sounds are appropriate to the style of the video so you don’t use one that’s unintentionally funny. Then again, a little humor in an explainer video is more than good when it’s skilled. It’s something we work hard to achieve with many other companies every day.

Contact us here at Epic Video Factory so we can create an explainer video that gives plenty of entertaining variety in visuals and sound. We’ll show you our portfolio of similar work if you’ve been stumped for ideas. However, you’re going to be happy with our results when you need to make employees learn something imperative to the success of your company.