Why take part in animated video production companies?

Young man looking at computer monitor.

When deciding which route to take with a video production endeavour, one may want to consider animated video production companies as their go-to choice. As the Epic Video Factory site explains, the epic video factory is made up of “custom Video designers, that are knee deep in video design and development on a daily basis. Because of this, we rock out some really awesome videos – explainer videos, corporate videos, and more!” We are affiliated with the best a brightest in the industry which ensures a continuing continuity of creative efficiency for each project. But why should one decide to go animated? Let us take a look at the benefits of using an animated video production company.

Eye catching

Animated videos tend to be more vivid and bright than videos of real life scenarios. Animation catches the eye and holds the attention of their viewers. More often than not, viewers need something to help them stay focused on the topic at hand. For this reason, people tend to choose to include at least some form of animation within their ads. A good example of this is any commercial with a spokesperson and a animated character as their accomplice when presenting a topic or product. This could include classic character based ads such as Mr. Clean, the Energizer bunny, and the Michelin man. These are some of the most recognizable characters in the country because of their animation team. As technology advances, so does the brand and it’s branding strategy. In turn, we get an energizer bunny that began as a puppet, turning into a vivid and welcoming character.


When one thinks of animation, they may think of children or children’s cartoons. This thought process is crucial for understanding why products tend to do better when they have animation in their video. Whether the production is fully animated, or just partially animated, it is important to understand why there is a higher rate of retention.


Yum yum video’s site states that “cartoons make us feel at home, and they bring fun and joyful memories every time. Also, most of the cartoon shows we watched as kids brought positive messages and learning. Cartoon animation makes your audience feel comfortable while you teach and show them about your brand and its great features.”

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