How to Produce a Sales Video that Explains

How to produce a sales video that explains

Recent Interactive Advertising Bureau “Intelligence Estimates” show a sharp drop in passive television, radio and print media advertising with a 20% increase in online video advertising and a whopping 110% increase in advertising on mobile devices.

The advertising marketplace is responding to the public appetite for entertaining and informative short video productions on the web. Explanatory videos that demonstrate products add value and attract attention to your products and services. Animation also has a light-hearted quality that makes even difficult subjects easy to watch.

To be effective, the video should be should be short and full of motion. For explanatory videos, the average viewing time is about a minute-and-a-half. If the video is designed to convert interest into sales leads, it should be placed near a direct a web-to-lead link.

One of the things you have to think about in doing on line promotional videos is how you are going to use the video. Modern web pages are very complex, multi-level environments that allow for a range of placements and choice levels for the browser.

Videos can be in the stream of action on a web site. In stream ads are the main attraction at the time. An attractive link on a website will draw the viewer to chose a link to your video.

In other cases, the video can be imbedded in the website and the animation activated by a click or a mouse-over, off the main content of the site. Brief, quick-loading animations lend themselves to non-linear or off center ads on websites. They can briefly draw attention of someone browsing the web onto your business to learn something about it.

The animated format is ideal for quick explanatory sales video production. When developing the animated video we can really give you a clear idea of what the video will look like. There are no complications. Please contact us to see how you can really participate in the development of a video that reflects your ideas.

Quality live action video production typically requires a large staff, expensive equipment and working with unpredictability. Story board planning for live action videos often does not look like the final product.  You have to be much more involved in a live action production to make sure the production crew stays close to your vision.