New Epic Video: Zalio

Meet Sara and her mother, Betty.

Betty’s been fine living alone since Sara’s father passed away…

But, in the last couple of years, her memory’s started to decline.

Sara and her brothers David and Mark want to help, but none live close by…

So Sara did the next best thing, and got her mom Zalio.

Zalio is an all-in-one Memory Organizer, Digital diary and family collaboration App.

It was created with features and functionality based on the latest research in the fields of memory, cognition and aging…

Is an extremely easy to use memory aid for seniors…

And lets their family help them organize their lives, remotely.

Sara started by downloading the Zalio app on Betty’s iPad.

Once running, Betty can use Zalios People Manager to store pictures of family and friends.

She can also keep a journal that she and her family can refer back to, with Zalios Memory Timeline

And keep track of appointments and create reminders with Zalios Calendar

The best part?  Betty can do everything with a few simple finger swipes!

In fact, she doesn’t need to type a single word…

Betty can speak to Zalio and it will transcribe her notes automatically.

For Sara, Mark and David, Zalio allows them to do the exact same things, remotely.

Sara can add pictures…

David can set a doctor’s appointment…

Mark can check to make sure Mom’s eating…

And grand-daughter Catherine can record the day she’s going to visit.

When they do, everything shows up automatically on Betty’s iPad.

With Zalio’s Activity Co-ordination, Sara, David and Mark can co-ordinate Mom’s care.

For example, Betty has a physio appointment next week, but Sara can’t take her.

No problem!

She simply adds “Take Mom to Physio on Wednesday, May 5th” and that appointment gets tagged as “Needs a Volunteer”.

Then every family member who’s opted-in gets a notification and…

Whoever has the time open…

Can volunteer to do it.

Sara gets a notice when they do, too!

It’s a fantastic way to let others help, and keep track of activities electronically.

With the Zalio Care Wall, family, friends and caregivers can post and share important observations and information about Betty.

This helps everyone stay connected, and can show trends that might otherwise be missed.

In short, Zalio will help Betty, or any senior to live a fuller, less stressful and more independent life.

While allowing their family and friends to help, even if they’re not nearby…

And keeps everyone updated and coordinated in a simple, easy way, providing peace of mind.

Download the free app, and let Zalio start helping your family today!