New Epic Video: Spare to Share

New epic video spare to share

This is Linda. She is hanging a new shelf and could use some tools. And even better, she could use someone who knows how to hang a shelf to help her!

This is Brett. He has an empty storage locker that he would be happy to rent to someone in the building.

This is Elaine. She wants to sell her old chair, but is concerned about meeting a stranger from outside the building.

Even though they all live in the same building…

They’ve never actually met.

It’s too bad because Brett has the tools to hang a shelf, Elaine needs some extra storage and Linda would love that chair.

If only they had Spare to Share!

Spare to Share is a private sharing and community network for residential buildings. It’s a fun and easy way to connect and socialize with residents through the sharing of skills, items and activities.

Spare to Share is an excellent way to share or sell all kinds of things…

Including tickets, a parking space, and even pet sitting.

It’s an innovative way to connect residents to help each other, socialize, and be a little more neighborly.

The web and mobile interface fits right in with the on-the-go style of today’s social technology users.

Spare to Share can be used for organizing and promoting activities and events too.

Property managers like Spare to Share since it helps connect residents, which creates a happier building that feels more like a community, making it easier to manage and reduces turnover. They can schedule and keep track of maintenance requests. Push notifications can be sent to residents to inform them when packages have arrived, what time the window cleaners will be arriving, as well as other building-wide alerts.

If you own or manage a residential building…

Or you’re a resident who wishes your building felt more like a community …

Contact us and get Spare to Share in your building today!