New Epic Video: My PC Watchdog

New Epic Video My PC Watchdog

Like all of us, Greg is trying to get his work done without constant interruptions

With new viruses, malware attacks, and data breaches happening every day. Greg’s spending way too much time keeping his computer up to date and protected. And that’s why he turned… to My PC Watchdog.

With My PC Watchdog Greg has a personal IT department!

My PC Watchdog combines powerful enterprise grade software with real experts

My PC Watchdog is easy to install. It takes only 30 seconds and works with both PC and Mac.

Once installed, My PC Watchdog jumps into action, protecting Greg’s computer from viruses and hackers…

While keeping all of the software on his computer up-to-date, and making sure it’s running like clockwork.

If you’re like most people you have many different security programs installed on your computer to keep it safe, like antivirus and online backup software

The problem is, these products are expensive and require a lot of your time to setup and maintain. Most of all, they’re confusing!

My PC Watchdog provides all these features and more but requires absolutely NO maintenance –We do all the work!

Today Greg’s computer is better than ever.

He’s got lots of extra time to enjoy what he loves most.

All thanks…to My PC Watchdog

If you’re concerned about the performance and security of your computer

Sign up for our free, no-obligation trial today!

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