New Epic Video: Office Pools

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In case you didn’t know, a hockey pool is NOT a melted lake in North America. It IS however an awesome way to build great relationships with your friends, coworkers, clients and customers. And now that hockey season is here, are you going to miss out or are you going to pick up your game?

Since 1995, has made friendly competition ridiculously easy by helping people automate their score tracking and standings based on real-life hockey events.

With an ever improving user friendly interface, and enough features for even the most die-hard fans, it’s something anyone can get into!

Features like: online / offline draftrooms, player trading, custom scoring, real-time updates, nightly standings emails, video support, and a bucket load of other tools and options, will get you on your way to the best hockey pool experience possible!

Now, that might sound complex, but it’s not!

It’s so simple, even your granny could do it!

Take Ben for example. Ben had his family at home, his coworkers at the office, and his friends everywhere in between.

With, and a few clicks of a mouse, Ben created unbeatable fantasy hockey experiences for each group. From friendly trash talking, and competitions, to creating side games, Ben was able to connect them all in a unique way that was fun and exciting.

You too can create your very own OFFICEPOOLS pool today, and challenge your friends, family, coworkers, and maybe even the world.

Create your pool today, and find out just how far your fantasy can go.