New Epic Video: Octopot

Octopot is revolutionizing plant growing by combining soil and hydroponic methods into the ultimate hybrid grow system.

In nature, plants seek out the correct environment of air, water and nutrients and adjust their morphology, physiology and phenotype to adapt accordingly, a process called plant perception. Plants thrive where the correct environment exists to meet their needs.

Octopot’s dual root zone design creates an efficient ecosystem that utilizes the processes of natural plant physiology to accelerate plant growth and produce abundant yields with less effort, less maintenance, less risk of plant loss and fewer resources saving growers time and money.

Seeds and clones thrive with only one top watering at the time of planting.

Octopot’s Hydro Wick forms a natural pathway feeding plants through capillary action and creating a moisture gradient throughout Octopot’s Gro Sleeve. The moisture gradient signals plants that a higher concentration of water is available. Plants respond by developing roots where optimal amounts of moisture exist for that particular plant species, a process called hydrotropism.

Octopots aerate the soil accelerating root growth by promoting air pruning, improving capillary action for faster uptake, and reducing heat buildup. Unlike other fabric grow pots that absorb water, Octopot’s Gro Sleeve is made for ventilation staying dry to prevent mold and algae.

Terrestrial roots morph into hydroponic roots, a change in root architecture triggered by the microclimate created by Octopot. The Hydro Reservoir waters and feeds plants continuously for up to 10 days.

Octopot’s patented design facilitates the atmospheric exchange of oxygen at the surface area of water creating a balance between the oxygen producing processes and the oxygen consuming processes of aeration and degassing.   This process oxygenates the water without added equipment. Hydroponic roots thrive, and stagnant water is eliminated.

Octopots waste no water and require no power. They reduce the risk of plant loss and use less soil and nutrients than other pots. Octopots sustainable design simplifies growing by eliminating daily maintenance required by most hydroponic methods.

Produce more yields with less time, energy and investment using Octopots. Learn more at