New Epic Video: KMCU

New Epic Video KMCU

So here’s the thing. We’ve yet to meet a chiropractor who put in all those hours of education and effort just to lose time stressing about billing, coding, collections, documentation and compliance. You want to give compassionate care, and you want to make a profit… after all, it’s your business. But sometimes getting Medicare to pay is like trying to move a fused L5 / S1.

And the rules? They change more often than a busy doctor can keep up with. Then there’s mountains of codes, shifting HIPPA laws and insurance that’s drying up like an 80-year-old disc.

So you end up worrying that your documentation isn’t up to par, or that you’re using the wrong codes, or that an auditor will show up at your door asking you to return a ton of your money.

If you want to thrive instead of just survive, the business side of your practice needs to be in impeccable order. So your profits stay in your bank account and you can focus on what’s most important; taking care of patients. That’s why you, and your staff, need KMC University.

At KMC University we show you exactly how to document, code and collect so that you get all the money you’ve earned. Our on-demand products help you solve any problem or issue immediately…

And if you want it, we’re right there to coach you, guide you, and hold your team accountable, so that those changes stick! We offer the very best workshops, training and coaching in the industry, designed to teach you and your team exactly what, how and when to do everything

Our 24-Hour Helpdesk offers expert guidance on any reimbursement or compliance question that you could ever think of.

You see, at KMC University we get it, because we have over 200 combined years of chiropractic experience.

So stop stressing, catch a breath and let’s work together.

We’ll help you get back the profitable—and compassionate—practice you dreamed of back in school.

KMC University.  We’ve got your back, so you can get back to what you do best: taking care of patients.