New Epic Video: KMCU – Practice Performance Profile

Chiropractors don’t just give an aspirin to a patient who’s hurting.

Because we know that if you don’t get to the cause of the problem, the pain will probably come back.

That’s why we created our Practice Performance Profile, a thorough exam of your office’s key compliance systems, reimbursement levels, coding, and statistics.

Just as chiropractors examine patients, KMC University examines the reimbursement and compliance performance of chiropractic practices.

After a thorough review, we deliver a complete report of our findings, pinpointing your areas of risk–as well as missed reimbursement opportunities.

Our recommended course of action corrects the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms —it’s your practice’s own treatment plan!

Let KMC University help you get control of your revenue and eliminate the risks of non-compliance. Once and for all.