New Epic Video: High Point Networks – Data Center

New Epic Video High Point Networks Data Center

The Data Center is at the very heart of your business.

As an IT Professional the complexity of your role is truly unmatched, and your importance vital.

It means managing your budget, staff and day-to-day operations while staying lean and efficient.

Constant evaluation is necessary to make sure that resources, power, cooling and space are all working together for optimal network performance.

Whether to move to the cloud or simply update your system is another key consideration as well.

And that’s why partnering with High Point Networks is crucial to your success.

At High Point Networks we start with a thorough, top-to-bottom study of your existing Data Center

Once we understand your business requirements and needs, and your current data center environment…High Point Networks will provide Best-in-Class products from VMware and Nimble Storage, among others, to put together a solution that fits your budget.

We deliver answers to all of your Data Center needs including;

  • Server & Desktop Virtualization…
  • Data Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery…
  • Accessories such as UPS (Universal Power Supply), PDU (Power Distribution Unit)
  • Applications such as Exchange and Active Directory…
  • And finally Management & Monitoring.

The simple fact is, whether you’re only updating specific systems…

Or need a complete Data Center overhaul…

High Point Networks has the tools, the knowledge and the solutions you require.

All of which makes High Point Networks the perfect solution for all your Data Center needs.

Contact us today and see how High Point Networks can help you.




High Point Networks – Data Center from Epic Video Factory on Vimeo.