New Epic Video: City of Mississauga

New Epic Video City of Mississauga

  • The City of Mississauga is successful city with a lot going on.
  • We’ve grown into the 6th largest city in Canada, and we’re continuing to change.
  • Our annual operating budget is around “$700 Million”, so where does that money come from and how is it spent?

In a nutshell….

  • We get most of our money from residential and commercial property taxes.
  • We need to manage that money wisely.
  • From every tax dollar we collect only 32 cents goes to the City of Mississauga.
  • The rest goes to the Region of Peel and Province of Ontario.

We’re getting a lot of value out of those 32 cents. It pays for the services you need like

  • Fire & emergency response
  • Keeping roads in good repair
  • Providing public transit

But that’s not all. You also get….

  • Parks & public spaces, Libraries, Recreation Programs, Community Centres, Snow removal, Animal Services, Golf Courses, Museums, Public Art, Street Lighting and much more.

Your tax dollars go a long way to provide high quality services and programs in Mississauga. But we have some tough choices to make because costs are increasing. Roads, bridges, storm sewers, buildings and our transit system are becoming more expensive to maintain and replace. And we also need to prepare for the unexpected. Storms, floods, and other emergencies can cause damage that is costly to repair.

  • That’s why we put so much effort into planning the City’s budget.
  • It helps us make decisions about where, when and how your taxes are spent.
  • Our good financial planning will make sure Mississauga continues to be a great place to live, not only for us but for our children, and our children’s children.
  • That’s where you come in.
  • It’s your money, and we want to understand what’s important to you.
  • Find out how you can get involved by visiting