New Epic Video: Addalock

Are you planning a trip? Is it for business or a vacation?

Will you be travelling alone, or taking the family?

Have you booked a Hotel or are you renting a room, a house or a cottage?

No matter where you are staying you need to think about your safety and privacy and that is what the Addalock portable door lock is for.

Have you booked to stay in a hotel or a motel then you know that the cleaning staff, their supervisors, security, management, staff at the front desk and many others could get into your room.

Whenever you travel and wherever you stay, take the Addalock portable door lock with you. It’s the best portable door lock, installs in seconds and gives you additional security and privacy while in your room.

Not staying in a hotel! Did you book online to rent a room in a private home or did you rent a house? Then ask yourself again. What do I know about the person I will be sharing this home with? Who has a key to this house? Some people do.

The owner, family members, a neighbour and others.

Plan ahead and give yourself and your family the additional safety, security and privacy when you travel. Take the Addalock portable door lock with you.

Get it from the co-inventor and worldwide distributor Rishon Enterprises Inc.

Remember to always ask yourself “Who else could have a key or access to this door?”