Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Explainer Videos

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So you’ve finally decided to make an explainer video for your business? This is an excellent strategy to let people understand your products and services. However, the effectiveness of this approach will only go so far as long as you execute it properly.

So how exactly do you make a good explainer video? In this article, we will discuss the best things to avoid when creating explainer videos. Keep reading to learn more about them.

1. Publishing It in Low Quality

You first need to avoid publishing an explainer video in low quality. First of all, it is something to note: viewers will not appreciate it at all, and it will make you look unprofessional in front of your target audience.

On top of that, the quality of your video will determine how people will perceive your business. So, if you plan to make a video that will bring your brand identity to the next level, ensure its quality is excellent. Otherwise, people will remember how bad your explainer video was because of the quality.

2. It’s Not Concise

You should remember that the primary purpose of explainer videos is to give people a brief explanation of what you are offering. However, many businesses creating explainer videos miss this point, resulting in a long video that nobody wants to watch.

The result of your explainer video should be short but substantial. You want the viewers to get the gist of your video within 2 minutes or less without any trouble understanding the message. Otherwise, if by the end of the video they miss out on what you are trying to tell them, you have defeated the purpose of creating an explainer video.

3. Failing to Show How Your Product Will Benefit Your Audience

The main point of your explainer video is to let your potential customers know how your products or services can benefit them. While some people may confuse this for showing off the features of your product, it is important to distinguish them.

Your audience will not care if your product can give them birthday tunes or get their orders to their doorstep in seconds when what they are looking for is something else. Focus on what initial problem of the audience you are trying to solve and emphasize that in your explainer video and how the product will make it more beneficial for them in terms of this problem.

4. Utilizing a Generic Template

Many businesses like to play it safe by using a generic template to ensure that their explainer video comes out well. However, while it is true that these templates were well-developed, it will not catch the eye of your audience.

You need to come up with something unique and more personal. Not only will this be more interesting to your audience, but by customizing the video, you are targeting your market. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your explainer video and have fun with it.


Creating an explainer video for your business is an excellent way to reach out to your customers and let them know more about the products and services you offer. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes to create a great explainer video.

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