How to Make Your Explainer Videos More Popular

Explainer videos have made a huge marketing impact by consistently having extremely successful results. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been challenged by today’s technology.  The new realization is that a video is worth almost 2 million words.  Thanks to today’s technology, the average human now has the attention span of about 8 seconds (goldfish have 9).  This is a harsh reality for today’s businesses.

If you want to get your customer’s attention, you need to be effective and unique, but above all, you need to be swift. If you cannot immediately grab their attention, your competitor will.  Explainer videos, when produced correctly, will not only grab a new customer’s attention, but will also retain your product or service in their memory more successfully than a well-written web page.

Be creative

You want to immediately grab and hold somebody’s attention when they view your video.  While your explainer video is to describe your product or service, remember it may not always be viewed on your website.  Many well loved videos are shared on social media simply for the love of the video.  Thousands of viewers may see your video from a link or from a friend, so do not depend on your video to accompany your website.  Depend on your website to accompany your video.  An explainer video company can design a video that is creative, unique and can grab somebody’s full attention within seconds of starting to view it.

Long load times are deadly

It is imperative that your explainer video has minimal to no load time.  When designing your video, remember that not all viewers will have immediate access to the fastest internet services.  If somebody is forced to sit and wait for a high definition lengthy video to load, they will close the page and leave the video before it even starts playing.

Be social media friendly

Social Media is one of the top forms of advertising today.  Do not miss out on this valuable form of Social Marketingword of mouth.  Direct buttons for Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and emailing are simple and economical ways to have your video shared around the world by viewers that enjoyed it.  Internet usage statistics are staggering when you look at the number of videos that are viewed per day.  What shares the most are videos that create an emotional impact. Whether it makes the viewer laugh or cry, it creates an emotion that they immediately want to share with others.  These are important points to remember when creating your own explainer video.

Explainer videos are the future of advertising. If you have a product or service and want to spread the word, you will need a video to accompany it.  Reading about your service on a web page is less than sufficient when your competition can show in seconds what it took your webpage minutes to portray.  Videos also create less confusion, answer more questions, and provide greater detail into what your company has to offer.

Explainer videos can advertise, explain, assist and entertain. Through all of this they also provide a message to a viewer about what you can do or provide for them.  A properly designed explainer video can do immeasurable amounts of advertising for your company.  Do not miss out on those extra 2 million words that can change the life of your company; contact Epic Video Factory today.