What to Look Out for in a Video Production Company to Create a Successful Collaboration

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Video production companies are numerous, though not all are going to be in tune with their customers so they produce something that stands the test of time. Here at Epic Video Factory, we have a number of things that we try to uphold that we know customers seek out in a video production company. If you’re soon going to be creating a promotional video, what things should you look out for in a production company that denotes true commitment to quality and a connection to the client?

Showing Genuine Interest in Your Company

When creating a promotional video, the company putting it together for you has to know everything about you before taking it on. If you see evidence that they’re treating you passively like another customer, it’s time to go elsewhere. Without complete understanding of your company (from its past to the present), they won’t know how to approach your video so your message is fully conveyed.

Here at Epic Video Factory, we guarantee we’ll work closely with you to learn every aspect about your company, including completely understanding your branded message.

Proving Quality of Work Through Their Portfolio

Any video company worth their professional claims comes in showing you their portfolio of work for other clients. Any company that shies away from showing you their past work is an immediate red flag. Video production needs considerable proof of how good their work is. This means more than showing you just one previous project.

Here, we’ll show you our extensive portfolio working with major companies so you’ll have plenty of examples to study. You may even get some inspiration from our past work if you’re having trouble coming up with video ideas.

What Do They Charge?

It’s best to stay away from video production companies that charge outrageously high fees. While production costs can vary based on different elements that need to be applied, we won’t charge you more than necessary. Also, a video production company should give you an upfront total so you know what you’ll be paying. Don’t wait and find out, because a less reputable company may sock you for more charges than you intended.

Proof They Work Well With Their Clients

While production companies don’t have proof of how well they work with clients, try asking around if you know someone who used the same company. Especially when you live in the same city, someone you know may have used that company before. In fact, you can get business names from the production company’s portfolio and call them personally to ask how good the communication was.

Our goal here at Epic Video Factory is to work closely with you through every element of your video production. We want the final cut of the video to be exactly what you want, which means we’ll take you step by step through each production layer. This includes working with you on the script on through to the final edit.

Contact us so we can start working with you on a promotional video that stands out from everyone else. With our expert creative team, we’ll help you find compelling ideas, show you how to get it implemented, then how to get it out to the masses.