Let an Explainer Video Service Describe Your Product for Better Conversion Rates

Using videos to promote products has become very popular in recent years, but many who try it end up missing the mark. That’s because they focus too heavily on the advertising aspect, so the end result ends up feeling like a TV ad. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to watch straight-up advertising unless it’s during the Super Bowl. Instead, they would rather see videos that have a more informative slant.

The best videos out today are best described as “explainer videos.” These are short spots that explain the use of a product or service. It may seem like a simple product doesn’t need any explanations, but in reality, even the most basic items can benefit from these soft-sell ads. They allow people who aren’t familiar with a product to watch someone actually handling it and see how simple it really is.

If the product is more complex, explainer videos are even more important. In these cases, they can be essential for people who need to see exactly what a manual is talking about. Many types of software truly need videos that show just what needs to be clicked, what features are behind each tab, and what to type into boxes that prompt for information.

Companies don’t need to worry about learning videography to make good explainers. Instead, they should hire a top-notch explainer video service to do the work for them. The service will handle everything: Writing the script, doing the storyboard, hiring actors, having the actors portray the scene, editing, and turning the final product into an MP4 file. Once the customer has the file, it can be uploaded to YouTube and other video sites. Explainer video services also offer other formats, so those who want their video as something other than an MP4 need only ask about these possibilities.

To learn more about our explainer video service and get started on ordering one of our custom videos, just contact us. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and provide a video that people will want to watch!