Music to Use in Explainer Video Production

explainer video production

Creating an explainer video production is going to mean having a compelling narrative and narration that doesn’t put people to sleep. While we can provide the above for you effectively here at Epic Video Factory, we know how important music is just as much as voice or visuals. We sometimes take for granted music in movies where it can set more of a mood for a scene than we realize. Only when the music is stripped away do we see how bare bones things look, if even seeming amateurish without musical emotion.

It’s one reason why we always recommend music in an explainer video, or any promotional video we’ll be producing for you. But what kind of music should you really use? Just using your favorite playlist might prove problematic in more ways than one without some special thought and actions put in first.

Using Your Favorite Songs in the Soundtrack

Just because your favorite movies use classic songs to convey certain emotions doesn’t mean you can do that freely. In fact, just because you have favorite songs doesn’t mean it’s going to fit the video content you’re creating for other people.

You have to think of the content and how well a particular song is going to fit in relation to how your audience will react. This might mean choosing an earworm type of song that doesn’t offend anybody. Placing songs everybody remembers and without offensive lyrics can usually win anyone over when combined with the visuals and content in your video.

Regardless, do you really have permission to use those classic songs in the first place?

Gaining Licensing or Going Public Domain

There isn’t a guarantee you’ll get permission to use those classic songs in your video. In case you wondered, you definitely have to seek permission to use any copyrighted music in a video that could net you profit. Some businesses forget this and sometimes end up in legal trouble later. While you can seek licensing through the publishing and record companies that own rights to the song and recording, they have a right to turn you down if they think it would harm the reputation of their song.

While the above is going to be rare in a harmless promotional video, licensing fees can sometimes be expensive. It’s why seeking out public domain music is sometimes necessary when budget is an issue. This isn’t to say you can’t find some great free music through public domain sites online. Even if some of it is just instrumental music, you can still convey emotion in your video using music like this.

Contact us here at Epic Video Factory so we can work with you on the issue of music for your explainer video. We’ll work to help you get licensing if necessary, though you have freedom to work with whatever music you want. With our production expertise, we’ll make sure that music works perfectly in tandem with the subject you need to explain to employees or customers.