Increase Brand Awareness with Videos

All businesses want to increase brand presence on the internet. Before, everybody relied on search engines. But these past few years we have seen the impact social media has on different industries. People turn to social media when they look for certain products and services.

When you look at all top search results you would often find videos. In fact, videos are about 50 times more likely to land on the first page of the results. Why do search engines prefer videos? It is because videos are often fresh and entertaining and they are also likely to be liked and shared. It is also due to to a video’s social and engaging characteristic. Social media sites are now incorporating video sharing to push video content.

While written content is still relevant, more and more customers grow fonder of watching an interesting video. If your video is well-thought it can also bring your brand to a broader demographic and stretch out your marketing reach. How? Well, for one, people can easily share videos on social media and that of course, will in turn reach all their friends in just a second. Social media lends your brand with a stamp of trust and approval when people share it on their networks. It is when videos are shared that contents gain traction.

Now a well-thought and executed video gets the brand it represents the biggest possible exposure if it goes viral. But for a video to go viral, strategic planning is necessary. Perhaps among the most difficult challenges a video-maker faces is thinking of ways to incorporate the product in a way that viewers won’t see it as an actual ad – thus, a compelling story that indirectly relates to the brand, aiming to catch and keep the attention of Youtubers enough to share and like it.

Once the video is finished, you then start promoting it. Have you and everyone in your team to tweet about it, post it on their Facebook, and if possible email the link to the video to all their contacts. This will give you a good start and quite a number of views in a quick span of time. Do not forget to encourage viewers to like and share. Do not stop with one video. Try to do and post one regularly because no one really knows when and what video might go viral.

Video content is among the most effective ways to build a brand. The perfect combination of your excellent brand messaging and a really creative video making will give you the kind of result you could only dream of before. And the sooner you get your great video out there, the sooner people can watch and share it!