The Importance of Professional Web Video Production

The Importance of Professional Web Video Production

abstract finger click video signThe world of business is beginning to embrace the power of web video. When video was first put on the web, some believed it was a fad. They believed the idea was promoted too heavily and would eventually go away. Today, there is a steady increase in the the ways videos are used online. They are being successfully utilized in more and different ways. Professional web video production is becoming extremely important.

Video Preferred

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, a survey was conducted concerning people’s response to seeing video on websites. The majority of those who participated in the survey preferred seeing video. This was chosen over reading white papers, case studies or even watching live demos with representatives from a company. People pay more attention when they can see the face of someone speaking. Hearing a voice makes people focus more on the information being presented. Individuals also connect with the emotions of people they’re watching.


Nothing will create a more positive impression than seeing a person speak about a product or service. A customer testimonial is a powerful tool. It can be less than a minute and still provide a strong message. They are also effective when used as part of other marketing efforts.


People are often drawn into a video demonstration. They will want to see how a product or service works. These videos are designed to answer possible questions from potential customers during the selling process. It’s a chance for a business to showcase the important features of their products. Product demonstration videos can also provide suggestions for how a company’s product or service can be best utilized.


Many companies have employees who work remotely. This provides a challenge when it comes to training. A training web video is increasing in popularity with the corporate world. It enables workers to maintain required training with only a connection to the web. These videos can also be incorporated into other types of training when necessary.

Employee Orientation

The costs involved with scheduling and providing physical materials for employee orientation can be involved. A web video can be designed for employee orientation. It will help things go smoothly. A video can show top members of a company’s management greeting new hires and more.

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