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Since no one wants to look like a “newbie,” Epic Video Factory handles online video production like a pro. We offer professional quality online video production at a fraction of the cost and effort. Our flawless system of online video production is what drives our epic efficiency and satisfaction, guaranteed. Before diving straight in, it may be useful to first look at what our process entails. This is necessary because the client input is an essential part of the video production procedure. Here is a breakdown, referencing our site, of the six step Epic Video Factory process.

Don’t wait to create:

It is unwise to procrastinate anything, much less your online video production. The first step in this process is sending preliminary information about the endeavor. From this, we create a “custom animated video in 4-6 weeks”.

What does the business entail?:

It will be necessary to assess each client type individually. This ensures unique productions that end up being specifically relevant to each client’s specified endeavors. We achieve this assessment by asking the client to fill out what is called a creative brief. This will give the production team an idea of where each client is coming from with regards to their video.

Video outline:

Next, a video outline or storyboard is needed to plan the rest of the steps needed to complete the project. Epic’s website explains that this outline “helps us make sure the visual style and progression of the video match up with your expectations.”

What voice-overs are needed?:

No matter the type of production, each package includes a professional voice-over option. This step allows for the client to customize the audio appeal of their video. It also allows for the video to seem less homegrown and more professional.


After completing all of the previous steps, we waist no time jumping into the production side of things. This process takes no more than two weeks to complete and is immediately available for client input, comments, or revision requests.

What revisions are needed?:

Epic Video Production offers unlimited revisions of all projects. This ensures satisfaction for any client’s project, big or small. “Once you sign off on the final video it’s yours to download and use wherever you want!”

To view the complete six step procedure, click here.

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