Epically Epic Video Production Services

Epically Epic Video Production Services

Funny retro nerd flexing his muscle isolated on white backgroundIt takes a lot to find a video production service that is friendly, efficient and cost effective. Epic Video Factory offers video production services that range from animation to real optics in a myriad of different styles that cater to the client in every way possible.

This company extends a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The most notable quality of these services is that there is no limit on the amount of revisions a client could make to their order. The client is only responsible for half of the order up front, and the other half isn’t due until satisfaction has been achieved. This method of business is highly efficient due to the level of expertise in the field of video production as well as customer satisfaction. Why should the customer pay more to get what they want?

The cause for any type of video production services can vary greatly. This could refer to corporate affairs, weddings, or just a fun promotional video. While the reasons for needing video production services are endless, the amount of companies that offer a satisfaction guarantee is not.

No matter the size of the project, or amount of instructions, we estimate all productions to range from 4 – 6 weeks. This gives us enough time to understand the clients needs as well as scope out the direction that the plan of action would entail. Each project is treated individually and is not compared to others, mix-matched, or copied. Once the other half of the production costs are covered, the client owns all rights to the video. Epic Video Factory does not reserve the rights to any of our clients’ video service productions after the produced product has been completed. This allows the customer to feel comfortable in using their video at their discretion.

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