How to Enhance your Corporate Video Production to Achieve your Campaign Goals

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video_player_corporate_videoAlthough written emails, phone conversations, war room meetings and newsletters are all powerful ways to get your message out, an even bigger communication platform for companies that continues to grow immensely is corporate video production.

On her blog, Sara Mincher states that there are over 100 million online users that watch videos each day. The obvious thing for businesses to do is have corporate video as a prominent part of their communication strategy. Corporate video production is interactive, efficient and engaging.

How to Make Your Corporate Videos Effective

Define the Objective of your Campaign

Decide what the primary goal of your video strategy is going to be. Are you looking to pull in new customers, bring back previous customers who left or perhaps identify extra profit opportunities with current customers. Quantify your objectives. For instance, if you are looking to generate leads with your videos, decide on how many leads you are looking to pull in through your campaign.

Video ROI

Your overall goal of your corporate videos should be to pull in customer sales. Therefore, you should create quality videos that you will feel good about displaying. Videos that are informational and inform or educate potential customers work good on product and service pages. Product videos are useful on product pages, however, product videos that display comparisons or reviews are more helpful to customers to help them make decisions based on their particular needs.

Measure your Results

You should measure and analyze your video campaign success rate. Analytics are an important part off any marketing campaign. Determine if you achieved the objectives of your campaign. Monitor analytics of your videos like traffic sources, plays, viewer engagement, time viewed and geographic location.

Choose a Reputable Production Company

Choosing a production company for your corporate video production can be a strategic task in itself. Research properly and select a company that can deliver exactly what you need and understands your strategic vision. Many companies will already have a sort of creative process put in place to assist in the idea generation stage. In the event that things are not coming together properly, the ideal creative team will guide you to the on-point message of your video.

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