Creating a Sales Video Production: Making it About the Viewer and Not Yourself

sales video production

You’ve likely seen a few sales video productions where you had to sit through endless narration of how great a company is, how environmentally conscious they are, or how many of a product they sold. While they may have a right to boast about those things in a sales video if their products are superior, today’s public may not always go for this. The reason is because so many people who shop with companies or businesses want a symbiotic relationship. This means the customer becoming just as important as the company is.

It’s something to think about when you’re putting together a video where you want to reach customers. How do you manage to talk about yourself, though, while still making it about the customers? You can do that by showing rather than telling.

Showing What You Can Do for Others

There isn’t anything wrong with telling about your backstory first to set up what your company ideals are. However, this shouldn’t take any more than a few minutes so you don’t turn it into a video of patting your own company’s back. At this point, showing your products or services you offer will be the path toward pointing to the customer and helping them solve problems.

You’ve likely heard the “find a product that solves a problem” concept many times before. The important thing is to prove your product can solve that stated problem. Through compelling demonstration (along with customer testimonials), you can prove that when customers turn to you and your products, positive results are going to happen. 

Keep in mind when approaching your video with customer focus, narration should be targeted directly to them and not feel remote.

Narration Like Talking to a Friend

No doubt you’ve seen or heard other narration in sales videos that talk directly to the viewer as if talking to a close friend. Not all companies use this approach, yet it’s one of the most effective ways because it makes your company appear warm, friendly, and easy to talk to. Also, you’re making it all about the customer this way without it being overly obvious. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have a visible host talking directly to the viewer in an amiable manner.

Contact us so we can help you create a sales video that focuses on the customer and not just your company statistics. When it comes to sales, you should never forget it’s all from results of customers who now want to connect with companies and sustain long-lasting relationships.