Cinematic Interviews: A Different Way of Marketing

shooting an interview

If you’re like many other business owners who rely on video marketing to promote your company, then you know just how important it is to have high production value. However, high production values aren’t enough to create an engaging interview that will draw your audience in. What you really need is a cinematic interview. Let’s dive deep into what cinematic interviews are and how your company can benefit from them.

What Are Cinematic Interviews?

A cinematic interview is a type of interview that combines the best parts of a scripted film and an unscripted documentary. Rather than asking your subject to answer questions, you’ll have them tell stories that you’ll film and edit together.

This is cinematic because it’s more than a typical video interview. It is a video that incorporates the same techniques that are used in films, such as cinematography, lighting, and sound.

Simply put, it’s like a documentary-style of an interview that’s filmed like a movie. You’re still telling a story without the rigid format of a Q&A type of interview.

How Can a Cinematic Interview Benefit My Company?

A cinematic interview is a great way to tell a story about your company’s journey, your culture, or what’s to come.

When creating a cinematic interview, you’ll have your subject tell a story. You’ll shoot the footage and edit the video together so your audience can enjoy the story that your subject is telling.

It’s a more effective way to share your company story than simply asking someone to answer questions on camera. It creates a deeper, more meaningful narrative that is more likely to have an impact on your viewer.

The benefit of a cinematic interview is that it’s more engaging than a Q&A interview. A Q&A interview is a great way to deliver your message, but it’s a little bit boring. What could be more engaging than watching a founder of a company tell the story of how they started their business?

Creating a Cinematic Interview

In order to create a cinematic interview, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Prepare Your Subject

Before you start filming, it’s important to prepare your subject. Let them know there’s no right or wrong answer. Rather, for this interview, you want them to tell a story about your company.

2. Create a Storyboard for Your Interview

Once you have your environment selected, it’s time to create a storyboard. You want to plan out what your subject is going to say. Have them write down their story as it will appear on camera.

3. Set up the Scene

For a cinematic interview, you want to set up the interview scene first. How does your subject want their story to start? Where do they want their story to take place? What is the environment of their story?

4. Shoot a Few Takes

Once you have a storyboard created, it’s time to start shooting. Allow your subject to tell their story in a few different takes. You can then choose parts of their story that works best.

5. Edit the Scenes Together

Once you’ve shot your subject telling their story, it’s time to edit it together. You can add subtitles to help guide the viewer. You might want to add in some music to create emotion. You can also add graphics and even animation to create a special look.


Creating a cinematic interview creates a more engaging narrative. It gives your audience more than information. It gives them an experience. The next time you want to promote your company through video, consider creating a cinematic interview.

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