Building Effective Instagram Videos

Building Effective Instagram Videos

Instagram has gone from being an upstart in social networks to becoming one of the big three along with Facebook and Twitter. By deftly focusing on mobile and the hunger for even more content its creators have cemented it as a place where the biggest celebrities and the closest of friends can share pictures and video with each other and the world. Instagram is also fast becoming a place where marketing is becoming more and more prevalent, with brands aligning with popular Instagram accounts, and leveraging this brand new visual platform in new ways. Instagram videos are a great way to share your brand with the world but there are some things to keep in mind to maximize their effectiveness.

Know When to Use Video

Instagram is predominantly pictures and the simple way it expresses things visually is one of its best features. While videos of three to fifteen seconds in length are possible on the platform it’s important to make sure the content in it is worth sharing. Here’s a good general rule: if it can be expressed by a picture with some text on it, do that. If it’s something more complex go with video.

Great First and Early Impressions

When you put up an Instagram video you’ll be given the choice to choose which frame you’d like to represent it as its ‘cover’ image. Pick one that encapsulates the video, or at the very least frames the subject in an appealing manner. Also, it’s a good idea to do something very early in the video that can grab attention as the it will auto-start in the feed and you want to give someone a good reason not to keep scrolling.

Set Your Target

Go after the market you want. Use hashtags and descriptions that illuminate your business in a way the video does not. If you’re locally centred use hashtags with your community. Follow people relevant to your brand and see what they’re interested in. Use those trends to hashtag your own videos – provided they’re at least somewhat relevant.

Interact with Instagrammers

Don’t treat Instagram like you’re throwing content into an abyss. Talk to people who comment on pictures and try to build up an interested base of users. Follow customers or others who have expressed positive things about your company. Remember that Instagram is a social network. Be social.

Instagram can be daunting for those who don’t understand it but with comprehension of what it offers comes a raft of new possibilities for marketing and brand expansion with video as a major part. If you need some help with your Instagram, YouTube, or other custom videos Epic Video Factory is experienced and ready to assist you. Contact us today.