6 Ways Your Business Can Use Animation Videos

Animated videos might seem like something that is just for kids, but more and more businesses are using animated businesses for their professional needs. Here are six ways a business can use animated video production services.

Keep the employees engaged

If business owners do not want their employees to fall asleep during training, they can hire video production companies to create animated training videos. Not every person learns best by simply reading. When it comes to training new employees, using an animation video is a way to help engage and motivate both visual and auditory learners. With an animated video, a business can focus on getting important training information out to employees in a fun and engaging way. Using a video will also help streamline many aspects of the training format.

Product white papers

White papers are an in-depth reports or guides about a specific problem that a business or company is trying to solve with the products and or services they provide. White papers, as the name suggests, are traditionally written reports, but more white papers are being marketed online on websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Using an animation video is a unique way to help make your business’s standard white papers stand out from the crowd.

Marketing to potential clients/customers

Most business owners want to attract more clients and customers to their business, but in today’s highly competitive world, that can be difficult. It is important to stand out from fellow competitors—but for the right reasons. Marketing using animation videos gives businesses a unique, but still a professional way to reach their target audience and future customers and clients in an innovative way.

Business explanation

A business owner may know what their business and company is all about, but that does not mean that the employees or clients and customers understand the business. Offering an animated explanation video gives business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to explain the business in a simple and easy-to-view way. Business owners can answer questions like why the business was created, whom the business will help, and what exactly the business does in an animated video.

Policy videos for employees

Not many people will admit that they like reading their company policy manual, and while it might be difficult to turn every company policy into an animation video, a business could turn some of their most pertinent policies into an animation video. Similar to training using animation, videos can help engage and motivate employees about important policies they need to know at their work.

Create a viral sensation

For a white paper or marketing-based animation video that is available on a business website, there is the potential to create an engaging video that not only reaches internal employees, current customers and clients, and target customers and clients, but also has the potential to expand out and go viral. Animated videos can easily be shared and turned into popular viral sensations.

Animation videos might seem like child’s play, but in fact they are professional, engaging, informative, and even entertaining ways for businesses to communicate with their employees, clients, customers, stakeholders, and the general public. For more information about how an animation video can help you and your business, contact us at Epic Video Factory today.