5 Kick-A** Reasons YOUR Business Needs an Explainer Video

Can you remember the last text-based website you visited? Neither can be. But, we bet you remember the heck out of the last video you watched. That’s the power of video.

But video and video production’s sheer powerhouse status isn’t the sole reason your business needs video production—there are a number of other kick-a**, über-convincing, need-to-read reasons that your business needs an explainer video…and here they are:

1. Online Presence

If you’re already working on your online presence (and if you’ve made it to scouring the ‘internet’ explainer videos then you surely are) then you need a vid. A vid will build on all your existing online presence-boosting efforts, including SEO, website conversions and social media marketing. For your website it will steal the users attention—as a visitor is 9x more likely not to ‘bounce’ from your website if you have a video instead of impenetrable blocks of text. People are more likely to watch and share your content on social networks if you include video. And web video production matters to SEO (after all, Google owns YouTube).

2. Conversions

A comScore study discovered that retail customers are 64% more likely to purchase your product/service after watching a video. In the real estate sector, listings with videos receive 400% more inquiries. In email marketing people are over 200% more likely to click-through if you leverage video (according to Forrester). Moving to high-level sales senior execs (according to Forbes) would rather watch a video than read text. All these figures are just showing that, across the board, videos increase reach and conversions.

3. Video Production-Induced Personalization

Why do large, successful companies have sales forces? To get their product/services out there in front of people and to put a face to their business. Video does this. And it doesn’t take an Arab nation worth of gas—or salaries—to do it. Now, it won’t replace good ole fashioned sales ingenuity—but it will put a face and personality to your business/product/services, even when you can’t get face-to-face with your potential client(s).

4. People ACTUALLY Watch Videos

This point may be a little less benefit-driven than the other points—but people watch videos. They really do. Just do a random YouTube search for businesses in your vertical and see how many views your competition is getting. Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? That is a lot of faces to get in front of.

5. So—Now What?

Increased sales and previously-unreachable personalization and exposure—all for a surprisingly small investment. But wait—there’s more. Just kidding, that’s it. Sheesh, what more do you want?

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