4 Ways to Enhance Your Corporate Video Production

4 ways to enhance your corporate video production

Company videos are fast becoming a necessity for any business that does the majority of their business online. However, there is a vast difference between a professionally produced video and a video shot on an iPhone, so how can your company take steps to incorporate videos into your business without breaking the bank on hiring a video production firm?

Employ a photographer and video editor. If your company relies heavily on images to sell your service or product (listen up ecommerce companies) you can’t afford not to have a photographer and videographer on your staff. They can do double duty making the imagery on your site unique and good-looking and help to shoot and edit videos on the fly. When I worked for an ecommerce company, we saw sales spike when we hired a full time photographer to take the types of photos we wanted.

Keep the content fresh. Nothing is worse than seeing the same video from 1992, unless you’re trying to be ironic and most places aren’t. If you want to appear relevant to your customers, your videos need to stay up to date and fresh.

Use professional equipment. Even if you don’t hire a videographer, at least use professional equipment. Many camera stores will let you rent professional equipment for a day or two so you don’t have to buy the entire setup. Most important, be sure to rent a good camera and a stable tripod to keep the shots from being unstable.

Take production seriously. It shows when a company puts together a video just because that’s what everyone else is doing. Think about the message you want to say; write a storyboard or a script. When you invest time and priority in your video, it shows.

Not every single business needs to have a company video, but for those who do, it pays to take time and spend energy doing it right.

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