11 Ways to Grow your Business through Rockstar Video Production

Whew—are your ready for the onslaught of ways that leveraging rockstar video production can boost your business?  It’s a long list—and this is the abbreviated version, trust us.

Without further ado here are the top 11 ways to grow your business through rockstar video production:

1. Rockstar-Like Attention

OK—so a business video won’t make you a rockstar (sorry!) but it can earn your business thousands or tens of thousands of views (depending on the size of your market). Just check out any explainer video for a local business in your vertical.

2. Personalization Opportunity

What other chance do you have to get your beautiful mug in front of potential customers and sell them on you, your business and what it represents? Other than going door-to-door or business-to-business—or hiring a huge salesforce, none. There is no business-personalizing opportunity like an explainer video.

3. Virality

The invention of internet videos created the internet term ‘viral video’–and you can’t go viral without a vid! You also aren’t likely to viral video without humour and production quality (of course, call us to get both of these).

4. Lovely Listings

Explainer videos enhance business listings. Period.

5. Credible Testimonials

Video creates believable customer testimonials in a way that written ones just can’t.

6. Slick Sales Presentations

Using videos with high-production value in sales and customer presentations create slick, high-converting marketing tools.

7. Boost your Social Media Reach

Social networking users love video, and a rockstar video will get users paying attention to your content while increasing share rates.

8. Attracting Talent

High-quality videos are excellent recruitment tools to get the attention of top, cutting-edge candidates.

9. Money

We all like money. That’s primarily why we started our businesses. And videos boost retail sales 64% on average and boost email-marketing click-through rates over 200%. Videos pay dividends in ROI.

10. Building Presence

As part of your video-based ‘look-at-me, look-at-me’ strategy of getting attention, you will also want to build your online presence with vids. This includes SEO.

11. Branding

Videos not only build personality—and sales—they can also help you build a brand by putting a concept and flavour to your business.

This extremely abbreviated list is just a few of the reasons your business needs a video to conquer competition, establish a face and brand, boost sales and gain audience and credibility. For more reasons—or to find out what WE can do for your video concept, contact us.