7 Reasons Why Video Is the Hottest Growth Hack Right Now

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Video marketing is the hottest trend in marketing right now. Videos have been gaining traction when properly used across social media platforms. It has been proven to increase conversions and engagement. No matter the device or platform, video is taking over the digital world.

Here are some of the reasons why videos are the best growth hack for your social media.

1. Video Can Tell a Story Better Than Photos

Words are limited. A picture might say a thousand words, but it can hardly capture the emotion and feeling present in a place. Videos allow the viewer to consume the message and get a real feel for the product or service. It gives you an insight into the place that still images can not. Capturing the right mood and tone is also crucial when you are trying to promote a product. You don’t want to be too promotional, but at the same time, you don’t want to be too subtle about what you are trying to sell.

2. Videos Are More Memorable Than Videos

Humans are visual creatures. We are programmed to remember things that we see. A video is more likely to be remembered than a block of text. It allows you to build an emotional connection with your audience. They also allow you to re-use the video on other social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Videos Are Sharable

Videos are easy to share on different platforms. They have been shown to increase the impressions and click-through rates. Videos are quickly becoming the preferred method for the younger generation. Most of the most popular videos on Facebook are videos. Facebook and Instagram now allow you to post videos. You can also make your videos as looping GIFs and share them on platforms like Tumblr. Videos can be shared and spread across the internet in a matter of minutes.

4. Videos Allow You to Reach a Global Audience

Video marketing is now an international platform. If you can create a video, you can use it to reach millions of people all over the world. You can also target specific demographics. Different countries and cultures have different rules when it comes to marketing. You need to know where and how to market your videos.

5. Videos Are More User-Friendly Than Photos

Simply put, a looping video is more engaging than a still picture. It captures your attention for a longer time and makes you want to watch more. Your viewers will pause and re-watch your video. This is more than enough time for your brand to endear itself to its audience.

6. Videos Create a More Human Experience

Consumers prefer a more human experience. They crave a personal connection to the products or services they purchase. Videos can create that personal connection with your viewers. You can show the process behind making your product or share your customers’ success stories. Videos can instantly create a personal connection with your audience.

7. Videos Are a Great Way to Build a Relationship With Your Audience

Videos help to build a relationship with your audience on a deeper level. Everyone remembers the first time they watched a video. Videos can be used to deliver news, training, education, and tutorials. It breaks down the barrier between language and culture. A video removes the risk of getting your message misunderstood.


Video marketing is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. It has proven to be a powerful tool in marketing and will be the go-to for many more businesses. It helps to engage your viewers, increase the number of views, and increase the number of followers. It allows you to showcase your brand and share the human aspect of your business. There is a lot more than videos can do for a campaign.

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