Video Ads: Reasons Why They Are Superior to Image Ads

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Video Ads: Reasons Why They Are Superior to Image Ads 

Video advertising refers to the presentation of advertisements as standalone or integrated into online video content. They tend to stay at the top of the rankings as technology advances and consumers are exposed to various ways to consume material. 

Video advertisements are taking over as the primary source of web advertising due to the evident attractiveness of video. Here are the reasons why video advertisement is better than image ads:

1. Differs in Engagement

Video content is by far the most engaging compared to other types of material, especially on social media platforms. You can’t even look at your page without being prompted to watch a video or participate in the current challenge. 

When your potential customers scroll through their Facebook wall, they are more likely to notice videos instead of photographs. That’s because the movement of the video gives you the advantage of catching their attention and convincing them to pause.

2. Builds Trust

Prospects are more inclined to conduct business with you when they feel like they know you.

Therefore, it is important that you utilise your campaigns to explain what you do, highlight the advantages of your products, and show off your brand’s domain knowledge.

Video is a much more powerful instrument for attaining this objective than still picture marketing. It allows you to establish more sincere connections in less time.

3. Tells a Story

Video ads are better than image ads because they are more effective at storytelling. A good story can make people feel something, and that feeling is what drives conversions. Humans are wired to respond to reports, and video is the most powerful storytelling medium. People remember stories better than facts, and a video ad that tells a story is more likely to stay with us than an image ad with a list of features.

Lastly, video ads are a great way to grab attention and get your message across. They can be emotional and engaging, making people more likely to remember them.

4. Delivers a Clearer Message

Video ads can deliver more explicit messages to consumers than image ads. This is because video allows for verbal communication, which can explain complex concepts and ideas more easily. Additionally, video ads can use body language and other nonverbal cues to emphasise further the message being communicated.


Image ads might be a thing of the past soon enough. With internet usage increasing and social media becoming a primary form of communication and content consumption, video ads are better suited to reach today’s audiences. 

They are more engaging, informative, and entertaining, providing users with a richer experience that image ads cannot offer. In the competition for attention online, video ads are the clear winner.

There’s no doubt that video marketing is highly beneficial than image ads. Therefore, you should hire a reliable company that can provide you with excellent services. 

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