Why Your Business Should Incorporate Explainer Videos

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With the advancements in the Internet and media technology, explainer videos have become an essential tool for businesses looking to showcase their products and close sales. These videos give customers the information they need to make informed buying decisions.

Also known as demonstration videos, these are ideal for showcasing your product to prospective and existing customers. Explainers can take someone unfamiliar with your product and walk them through how it works. This gives the viewer the information needed to make a critical buying decision.

Below we’ll look at the advantages of using explainer videos as part of your marketing strategy to help your clients better explain your products. You’ll be surprised how quick and convincing these reasons are, so start reading!

Email Synergy

Explainer videos are a great way of connecting your existing clients to a new product you are introducing to the market—straight to their email inboxes! Your content can quickly give them a sense of whether a product might be suitable for their needs. 

Because a product demonstration video doesn’t need direct selling, it also feels less intrusive than other forms of promotion. You must send the video file as an email attachment or upload the explainer video to your company’s YouTube account and paste the link in the message. Don’t forget the cover letter, too!

Illustrates the Best Features

Explainer videos help you sell your product without feeling like you’re selling. You can portray what makes your product unique and why certain features are included, making it easier for customers to understand your product and how it can help them.

On-the-Go Presentation Material

Deploying a sales rep to demo a product in person can be expensive when you factor in salary, commission, travel, accommodation, and other additional expenses. If you are selling to foreign markets, demonstrating a video in person may not be possible due to the cost. A product demo video lets you share a link with anyone so they can see the product demonstrated at their convenience.

Explainer videos are not replaced in-person selling but can make it easier and more scalable. They can also be an excellent training tool for your sales team. Creating a product demo video gives a perfect example of how that product should be demonstrated. Your sales reps will understand how it works, which key benefits to focus on, and when in the presentation to feature them.

Hosting your explainer video online empowers marketers to use analytics to improve their product demo. For example, you can see how long people watch the video on average, which can help you determine the ideal length. You can also analyze which sections of the video people are dropping off, so you can improve or remove those parts in future content.

Quick, Verifiable Proof

Consumers have become more cynical of marketing claims but still want products to help them solve their problems. Explainer videos are compelling because they demonstrate how the product works and show the customer step-by-step how it solves their problem. By taking the customer through this process, they can see themselves using the product to achieve their and your goal of solving a problem and making a sale.

Create Epic Explainer Videos 

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