Why Animated Ads Are Perfect for Your Video Marketing

animated ads

Are you looking for ways to jazz up your advertising? Most people are. Keeping current and upon what is trending, plus keeping ahead of your competitors takes work.

It takes a bit of creativity, as well. It’s particularly challenging if you don’t have a product that ‘sells itself’. If you make ads or videos, you need to consider animated ads.

Taking the ordinary up a few notches is what animation can do for you and your brand. Videos are great. Animated videos are better. let’s take a quick look at why.

Why Animated Ads Work

Animation works for many reasons. You don’t have to spend your entire advertising budget on it, as it’s popularity and technology make it more accessible for everyone.


You can incorporate so many different aspects to an animated ad, using text, live-action, and animation. It’s really limitless. This opens the door for so much. You can show your product or service in so many different ways.

It can be very complicated or very simple. Both are very effective. The use of color or black and white, artistic flairs or stick figures on white background, text over animation, you are spoilt for choices.


Look around where ever you are and try to not see someone staring at their phone. They could be watching your ad. The beauty of animation is everyone likes it. When it comes up on their screen, they are more likely to watch it.

You have the opportunity to reach a lot of people. Sending out an animated video through your social media gets the attention of your followers. People love to share fun and funny videos, so they will pass it on to their friends.

They also have the potential to go viral, if it is something that people really like or connect with. This means the potential of new customers can be enormous.

Hold Viewer’s Attention

With the ability to get your ad straight to people through their phone usually means you have a captive audience already. People love to use their phone as a distraction.

Waiting for appointments, riding transit, lying in bed. The animated video keeps the viewer engaged longer, and they relate better. There is also a better chance of them watching it more than once.

If it makes them laugh, they will watch it several times, remember it and forward it on to others. They like to save things that make them happy, tag their friends and share the videos.

Short Attention Span

With the bombardment of videos available, people have difficulty watching something, even for a few minutes. They read even less. The animated ads are quick and short, getting their message across quickly, yet in a very memorable way.

Usually, a few seconds is all you need to make an impact on our viewer, and get them to remember your ad, and watch it again.

Difficult Made Easier

Animation has the ability to take a complicated situation and make it clear and easy to understand. This is perfect for explaining your service or product with less explanation and more animation.

It’s also great for “How-To” videos and explanations. People are able to watch and re-watch until they understand. It’s perfect if you want to explain your product by showing it or showing how it works, gets put together or its main purpose.

Jazz Up the Mundane

The other side of the complicated coin is one that is simplistic. If you have something as dull as a hammer, you can still make it look fantastic with animation. It provides a way to break out of the usual methods of selling and takes it to a better place.

Your options are unlimited, so you can get as vivid and experimental as you like. You can make your inanimate objects come to life, make your hammer dance and sing and show your brand in a whole new way.

Good Return on Investment

Becuase people like to watch animation and share it, more people will see it. This means more people are aware of you and your service. You are also able to track and measure your video ads.

Depending on the platform you are you using, you can see how many views, likes and shares or retweets you get. This is a great way to see how fast and effective the ad is.


Not only is the animated ad versatile in what you include in it, but as your business grows or changes, the ads themselves can easily be changed. A regular ad with people is great for branding, but not always for growth.

The casting, reshooting, locations and more are very expensive. The animated ad can be changed or redone easily. No need to worry about all of the extras.

These types of ads are also great for any type of organization, product or service. Medical services, legal teams, greengrocers or pet food. You can use any type of animation to sell anything, and very effective.

People Relate to Animated Ads

Saturday morning cartoons is a tradition in most houses, so we all have that feeling when we see one. There are still very sophisticated animated series and movies that continue get made and make money.

There is a deep connection to animation for entertainment in us, so we relate very well to the animated ads. It goes a long way back for most people, so they are more likely to watch them all the way through.

Feel-Good Advertising

The truth is, animated ads work because they make us happy. They are engaging to watch, they allow us to use our imagination along with them and they are just more interesting.

Fun, funny, they can stir up emotions and allow people and things to do things they never could in real life. It pushes limits we need to be pushed and allows the mind to open.

For more information on how animation can work for you, please contact us and let’s chat. Find out how we can take your advertising to a whole new level.

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