How a Whiteboard Explainer Video Can Be an Effective Marketing Tactic

whiteboard explainer video How a Whiteboard Explainer Video Can Be an Effective Marketing Tactic

Explainer videos are an effective tool in any marketing strategy toolbox. A whiteboard explainer video features hand-drawn animations and written text on a whiteboard that is erased and continued until a message has been delivered entirely.

These whiteboard explainer videos have proven to be a powerful means of communication in the business world. They expand on a topic in a way that feels more personal and familiar to viewers.

When it comes to winning over customers, you don’t have much time. The average attention span is just a little over 8 seconds, so you have to take an approach that is engaging, uncomplicated, and condensed.

This is where whiteboard explainer videos will win potential customers over.

Read on to learn more about this unique breed of explainer video that captures attention and ultimately raises conversion rates.

What Explainer Videos Do

Explainer videos introduce a company, tell its story, and show what it has to offer to consumers in just a few minutes.

They show potential customers:

  • A new service or product
  • A message about the company and its values
  • How a product or service works
  • How a product or service can benefit them

All of this means that customers will have less need to seek more information or clarification. They will have more time and knowledge that can be devoted to decision-making instead.

A good explainer video:

  • Establishes the mood with music, speech, and animation
  • Tells a short story about a company and its product
  • Identifies problems and presents your company’s solutions
  • Presents a call to action so potential customers know what to do next

Storytelling and engaging visuals make a powerful marketing combination.

Benefits of a Whiteboard Explainer Video

Whiteboard explainer videos are short and clear. Because they are built by compiling simple illustrations, there’s not much room for clutter or unnecessary information.

With only a series of hand-drawn whiteboard animations, potential customers can learn a lot about your products, services, and company personality as a whole.

Budget Friendly

Whiteboard explainer videos are a great option for companies who don’t have a huge budget for commercials and advertising. You get 30-60 seconds to showcase yourself to an audience with straightforward, interesting animation and text.

How-to Questions Easily Answered

The popularity of “how-to” searches has been on the rise for years. Using a whiteboard to explain concepts, products, and services is a great way to meet this new consumer need.

Minimal Time Commitment Required

An explainer video can cover significant and relevant information in a very short time span. Everyone is busy these days, from the mom at home to the top executive of a company. These videos tell busy people what they wanted to know without all the fluff or wordy text.

What Makes Whiteboard Explainer Videos So Effective?

There are several reasons whiteboard explainer videos are so useful to potential customers and so successful as a marketing strategy.

They’re Simple By Necessity

Whiteboard explainer videos don’t use fancy graphics or a lot of computer animation. It is literally someone drawing graphics and writing out brief explanations, statistical information, and other data with a dry erase marker.

There isn’t much room for complexity.

This is a good thing for those seeking fast, clear answers to questions about difficult topics. Those who put the explainer video together must find a way to distill information and simplify it enough to present in sketch form.

They’re Familiar to Most Viewers

Most of us have experience with explanations being given on a whiteboard. You’ve seen it in the office, at school, and in community meetings. You’ve probably even used one for presentations.

There are no new distractions or additional presentation methods to process when someone watches a whiteboard explainer video.

Familiarity with the whiteboard allows for more focus on the message instead of the overall presentation.

They Generate Anticipation

Watching a whiteboard explainer video is a bit like playing Pictionary. Viewers become interested in what will be drawn next, so they are likely to watch videos longer.

The surprise element that naturally results from each new drawing actually increases viewer awareness. This increased awareness makes your video and your message more memorable.

This anticipation allows more time to convey your message or proposition. Because your viewers are engaged and curious, you’ll be able to hold their attention much longer.

This is a huge advantage in an 8-second attention span world.

These explainer videos are also a fun way to learn almost anything. While some topics can be intimidating and can lose an audience quickly, whiteboard drawings can pare information down in a way that’s enjoyable.

They’re On-the-Move Appropriate

Many potential viewers are using mobile devices. They’re on the move, at work, at a restaurant, on public transportation, or in other public places.

Whiteboard explainer videos are perfect for all of these situations.

They are by nature high-contrast, with images boldly drawn on a white background. No matter how bright their surroundings may be, viewers will see your video more clearly.

They’re also great for those who need to watch a video with the sound turned off. Information is drawn and written is such a straightforward way that most of the time viewers can learn everything they needed to know just from great visuals.

They Work for Visual and Verbal Learners

People have different learning styles. Whiteboard explainer videos easily engage both visual and verbal learners with illustrations, animations, charts, and text.

Better Understanding Means Higher Conversion Rate

Potential customers are more likely to act when they feel they know and understand what you’re offering.

When your video provides brief explanations that tell viewers what your message is and why it matters to them, they feel better equipped to make a decision.

Your call to action will fit seamlessly and naturally into your whiteboard demonstration, converting potential customers into paying ones.

They Get the Attention of Search Engines

People spend more time on sites when there is video content. This doesn’t go unnoticed by search engines.

Search engines interpret this increased time spent as an indication that your content is valuable.

When you use explainer videos, you can boost your search engine rankings.

They’re Easy to Share and Spread Quickly

Your audience will do the work of promoting your video, and consequently your message, with a whiteboard explainer.

Social media and email keep everyone connected constantly. When your video is engaging, educational, painless, and humorous, people will find it interesting and will want to share it.

Videos are the Future

Videos get a big job done in a small amount of time. They work well in a fast world.

It’s predicted that video traffic will make up 82% of internet traffic by the year 2021.

With this kind of rising popularity, investing in quality video content is essential.

Drawing Up Success

Explainer videos are successful because they empower potential customers with knowledge and information that is fast and easy to consume.

A whiteboard explainer video can streamline the process in a way that is personal, familiar, and entertaining.

Explainer videos tell the world about your company. We help you create engaging, effective videos without breaking your budget.

Explore our website to learn more about our unique, custom video services. You can also check out our blog or contact us for more great information about video marketing.

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