Here’s Why Viral Video Marketing is Great for Your Business

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Video content is unquestionably king in the age of YouTube, Livestreams, Instagram Stories, and webinars. Year after year, more content marketers recognize the importance of incorporating video into their digital marketing strategy. Video content marketing can be used to advertise a product or service, increase customer engagement, and expand a brand’s social media reach. 

With so much content available, optimizing your content to reach and engage customers is critical. Effective video marketing can boost sales, conversions, and brand perception significantly. With that said, read on to discover why viral video marketing is great for your business.

People love to Consume Video Content 

Video content accounts for 11% of all Facebook posts and receives 8 billion daily views. To add, YouTube is not only the second most popular search engine after Google but also the second most popular website in the world, with an estimated daily video viewing time of 1 billion hours. 

Watching videos is something that a lot of people enjoy doing because videos give both entertainment and information at the same time. 

Marketers who fail to use video content risk losing a sizable audience as well as potential revenue. 

Video Increases Conversion Rates

By including an “explainer video” on a landing page, you can increase sales by up to 144% by including videos on your product or service page. A customer can learn everything they need to know about your product or service by watching a brief yet entertaining video. Because customers find this content interesting, you may gain more followers in the long run. 

Video Can Aid in the Growth of Brand-Customer Relationships 

Tailored content can increase engagement and communication while also instilling a sense of dependability, trust, and transparency in your brand, which consumers value. With testimonials, you not only demonstrate your honesty and earn the trust of viewers, but you also help spread the word about your company. 

Google Prioritizes Optimised Video Content

If your videos are properly SEO-optimized, they can drive a significant amount of organic traffic to your site, increasing your ranking and increasing views. 

YouTube videos in particular dominate page 1 for a large number of high-intent keywords. You can use YouTube to link to important parts of your website, such as landing pages, attracting new customers and accelerating organic growth (which search engines love). 

Getting Ahead with Video

There’s no use creating a killer video that follows best practices and procedures only to have it suffocated by the glut of videos already available. This is why it is critical to establish a distinct identity as soon as possible. 

Avoid posting mediocre content. Always go for quality content over quantity. Creating high-quality video content necessitates forethought, as viewers will migrate to competitors if you fail to produce it on a consistent basis. Please contact us if you want to learn more about this. 

Video Has a Bright Future 

Our use of technology evolves in lockstep with technological advancements. This means that video content will have a greater chance of engaging and attracting viewers. Now is an excellent time to start creating video content and staying up to date on the most recent methods of reaching out to people. 

Use Video Marketing Anywhere, Anytime 

Mobile platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are preferred for video viewing. Mobile video views have increased by 233% since 2013, and this trend is expected to continue. Similarly, mobile video consumption doubles every year, according to YouTube. 

Video simply provides ways to communicate with a large client base at any time. 

Video and Email 

According to new research, including video in your subject line can boost click-through rates by 300%. As a result, whether promoting an abandoned item or welcoming a new customer, an increasing number of marketers are incorporating video content into their email campaigns. 

Use video in your email strategy to engage, inform, and persuade recipients.

Videos Can Be Distributed

Social media is constantly about sharing content from one platform to the next. And when it comes to video, people love to share and distribute this kind of content. This will increase your visibility and views with little to no extra effort.


Video is not only adaptable, but it’s also portable and simple to consume. Although they’re not easy to produce, they are fun to work on. So while you promote your business, consider making great content that is fun for your company and your audience!

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