Kinds of Video Production in Toronto That Increase Leads

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If you do not already include video production in your marketing strategy, you miss out on an essential part of your growth! Video can help you generate leads, which is the first step to building your business. Don’t ignore this; 83 percent of marketers say video helps lead generation.

There are many benefits of using video production for lead generation. But first, let’s cover the basics.

What Is Video Lead Generation?

Video lead generation is a video to create leads, also known as contact information. It can be an email address, phone number, name, or any other piece of information a consumer wishes to share with you. Email addresses are the most commonly used lead; they trust you enough to start a relationship when someone shares their email address.

Why Is Lead Generation Important?

Lead generation gathers information from potential customers interested in your business or product. You can communicate with these leads directly and help convert them into paying customers down the road by collecting this information. You cannot grow your business; leads are vital for any successful marketing campaign.

The most significant benefit of using video for lead generation? More trust. Trust is an essential aspect of marketing and lead generation; consumers won’t share their information with just anyone. Video production can build trust more quickly than other forms of marketing media, making it a valuable asset for your growth strategy. They also engage viewers more than other forms of content; 66 percent of consumers prefer learning through a video rather than an article.

Kinds of Video Production That Boost Leads

Here are the types of video content to consider when gearing up to boost leads:

  • Brand: Branded video productions can help you build up your brand and teach customers more about your company. They can improve consumer trust and lead to a better chance of getting leads.

Create a video to tell an exciting story about your brand and have it go viral online.

  • FAQs: Customers often have many questions when learning about new products or services. Videos are a great place to answer the most popular questions, and you can brag about your fantastic products.
  • Testimonials: A customer who’s had a positive experience with a product or service is a powerful marketing tool. Using what previous customers have said about the product or service can pique a new customer’s interest and earn her confidence in the company.
  • Tutorials: Teach your customers about your products and how to use them, and explain how they solve a problem. If you’re offering something consumers need, they’ll readily share information.
  • Video Ads: Create a commercial for your product or service, and capture the attention of potential viewers. Once potential customers learn about your offering, encourage them to enter their contact information to learn more.

How to Promote Video Content for More Leads

  • Email: Invite your customers to sign up for your newsletter. There, you can send regular updates and video production content. Don’t give them links to the actual videos. Ask them for their email addresses.
  • Landing pages: Placing videos on your website makes it more interactive and increases traffic by 300 percent!
  • Social media: The best way for videos to go viral is by sharing them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. It’s accessible for all your customers to do!


You must leverage video production for your products and services starting now. It creates a more effortless B2C conversation since the content is audiovisual and dynamic. You’ll soon notice more people spending time on your websites and more customers converting from leads to sales!

But that will only happen if you release videos across your platforms. So for video production in Toronto, reach out to Epic Video Factory today! We publish animated brand building, sales-creating, profit-producing videos for all our clients! Get your free quote right now!

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