Top 5 Video Formats You Can Use for Social Media Marketing

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Social videos are a great way to attract, engage your audience and show them your content in a much more interesting, lively format. Many social media users now expect brands to use videos to communicate with them.

Social videos can be divided into several different content formats. They are as follows: 

1. Explainer Videos

YouTube is not only a place to watch videos, it is also a search engine. People use YouTube to find information on various topics. 

Explainer videos are a way for users to understand concepts that may be complex or difficult to explain. These videos provide viewers with a simplified understanding of the presented material. They can be used to educate, inspire, or make viewers take action.

2. How-To and Guide Videos 

How-to and guide videos are like simple online tutorials. They can show viewers how to use a product, create something, or do a specific task. These videos, also called “walkthroughs,” usually have a presenter who can show viewers how to use a product or service and discuss some of its key features and benefits. 

These videos are popular on YouTube and Google because they often contain popular keywords and phrases that customers search for. They can easily influence a user’s purchase decision if they are comprehensive and credible.

3. Reviews

In a review video, the creator tests and gives their opinion on a new product that would interest their viewers. These videos can be made by anyone, including experts and amateurs.

One popular review video content is called “unboxing.” In this video format, the user shows the process of unwrapping the products and talks about their opinions on every aspect of how the product is presented.

4. Q&A Videos

Q&A videos with interviews are a great way to engage your audience, providing them with exclusive, informative and exciting content. You can create videos featuring interviews with industry leaders, influencers, team members or customers.

You can engage your fans more by collecting their questions instead of preparing your own. Make an announcement beforehand and gather their queries through social media. Then compile and vet those questions to see which ones would suit your topic or theme.

An effective way to show off your business expertise is to have a solo Q&A session with your audience, addressing their pressing questions. This format best suits live video, as it allows you to connect with the audience more effectively in real-time.

5. Behind the Scenes (BTS)

Authentic and engaging behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos can give your audience a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes of your company. These videos can help you humanise your brand, build trust and strengthen your connection with your audience.

Some exciting ideas include giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look and touring them in your office or taking them backstage at an event. You could also show them employees in action using a ‘day in the life’ theme or even showing the process of how your products are manufactured. 


You can create many different types of videos, such as how-to videos, explainer videos, review videos, Q&A videos and BTS videos. The format you choose will depend on your marketing campaign’s purpose and target audience. 

Develop your social video strategy by considering which combination of formats you learned in this article would work best for your social media marketing campaign.

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