3 Reasons Video Is Essential for Your Marketing Strategy

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Video content is a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. Some strategies may still work without video content, but they just can’t be as good as with one. However, you might be sitting there and wondering: is video content really that good? The truth is, yes!

Today, let’s talk about why exactly video content is essential for a successful marketing strategy:

1. Video Content Is More Engaging

One of the best things about video content is that it is more engaging than any other content form. This is because people are more willing to take the time to watch a video than read a text article. According to a study by Adobe, the average engagement rate for a video on Twitter is 1% per view, whereas, for Instagram and Facebook, it is 0.2% per view.

Another study found that the average engagement rate of a blog post or a website is 0.5% per view, whereas the engagement rate of video content is 3.5% per view.

With this in mind, you will see that video content is 30 times more engaging than any other content format. Because of this, people are more willing to share it with their friends and family. As long as it’s done correctly, this can lead to a great amount of traffic to your website and can be a boost to your business.

2. Video Content Is More Memorable

No matter how hard you try, some things are just hard to forget. Images leave a lasting impression, but when it’s paired with sounds and specific words, it becomes even more memorable.

A study conducted by two universities proved that a message that is both visual and verbal is much more memorable than a message that is only visual or only verbal. This is because your brain processes different senses at different speeds. For example, your brain processes visual information about 6.5 times faster than aural information.

The next time you create video content, think about including sounds and words. This will help your viewers to better remember the content and will make it easier for your video to go viral.

3. Video Content Can Be Easily Shared

A large part of video content is that it can be easily shared. This is because every video has a short link that can be easily shared on social media, e-mail and other platforms. This helps to spread your brand further and can be a sign that your audience loves your content!

If you want people to share more of your content, then you need to make it as easy as possible. This is why a video is the best format for social media. It is easy to share and, furthermore, is incredibly engaging.


Video content is an essential part of any marketing strategy now. It is easily the most engaging content format, and people are more willing to share it on social media and other platforms. In addition to this, people are more likely to remember it, as it includes both visual and verbal information. If you haven’t yet, then start creating content that is visual and includes sound and words. If you do this, you will see more engagement and more shares.

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