Top Reasons Why Explainer Video Production Will Boost Your Business

Top Reasons why your explainer video production will boost your business

Nerdy PalsExplainer video production can be a key component to boosting sales for your business. The explainer video is a marketing tool rapidly rising in popularity. In addition to boosting sales, explainer videos can have many positive impacts on your business.

Increase Conversion Rates by Clarifying Your Product

Consumers are more likely to purchase a product after they see an explainer video. It makes sense that a person would be more inclined to purchase a product they fully understand rather than one they know nothing about. A ten-second commercial might be enough to peak the interest of a potential customer, but a two-minute video highlighting the top features of your product or service is to sure to make them feel well-informed. An explainer video will also help track which products have the highest sales potential.

Higher Google Search Rank and Increased Traffic

A sure-fire way to be successful in online marketing is to have a high google search rank. Many people use search engines when researching new products and services. A website containing video statistically ranks higher than those packed full of text. If your video pops up in the top five spots of a google search, traffic to your website is sure to increase. More viewers also means more word-of-mouth advertising, which will ultimately increase interest in your product.

Grab Attention and Show Your Personality

An explainer video is a great way to use all those flashy, attention-grabbing tactics that can overwhelm visitors when splashed all over your website. Rather than loading your pages with flashy graphics, use them to make a stunning video. This avoids lag time from overloaded pages, and allows you to get the same message across to your visitors. The explainer video is also the perfect stage to display your own unique personality. Grab the attention of potential customers while showing them how different you are from rival businesses.

Explainer Videos are Easy to Share

Videos are easy to share and many video hosting sites have easy options available for sharing videos. YouTube is a great choice for sharing your video, with the added bonus that it can be accessed on a smartphone even if your website is not.

Not Only for Online Use

Explainer videos are not restricted to online usage-you can also choose to use your explainer video in the office. Powerpoint presentations can get boring after a few slides and lose the attention of potential clients. An explainer video will keep their attention while highlighting the important functions of your product.

Explainer videos are an easy and effective marketing strategy. Bring us your ideas and let us create a professional and unique explainer video that will make your business stand apart from the rest. Please contact us for further information.