Tips For Web Video Production

If you own a business, work in a marketing-related job, or otherwise have a need to communicate to an online audience, you may be considering producing a video for the first time. Anyone can create a video and post it online, but creating an effective video that drives action is an excellent tool for any business. The following are a few simple tips for effective web video production.

Keep It Simple

The New York Times found that 19.4 percent of viewers abandoned a video after 10 seconds, and 44.1 percent abandoned it after 60 seconds. Therefore, you will want to let your visitors know who you are before they start cutting out of the video, so you should introduce your company with the first 30 seconds. Even if they only hear part of it, just putting your name in their heads will be an achievement.

For example, in this video, the company name is mentioned immediately, so even if you were to skip the commercial, you would still hear their company’s name. Remember that the average person