How to Make the Best Video Testimonials for Your Business

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Video testimonials are an excellent way to showcase what your customers are saying about you. But first, you need to understand the various best practices involved in creating video testimonials. Let us help you with that.

Invest & Use High-Quality Equipment

If you want to create a compelling video testimonial, it will be necessary to invest in high-quality equipment. A video testimonial is for a potential client to see that your products are realistic and work. Therefore, if the video is of poor quality, it will not have the desired effect.

The same goes for the video recording equipment. It should be of high quality. Be sure to test out the equipment before you actually record the video to make sure it is working properly. Also, avoid moving your camera too much to avoid shaking.

Come Well-Prepared

When doing a video testimonial, you should be prepared. You will want to test out the product beforehand to make sure it works properly. You should also be prepared with the questions that you will ask during the video.

If you are asking a customer to do a video testimonial, you should have something on hand to give them as a thank you. This works especially well if the business you are working with gives out free product samples. You can then use the sample as a thank you to your customer.

Ensure the Videos Can Touch on People’s Emotions

A good video testimonial should touch on the emotions of your viewers. Therefore, you should be sure to ask questions that make your customers feel something. This can be done through inquiries about how your customer feels about their experience with your product. If possible, you should also show how happy your customer is during the video.

Although this is not always possible, you can show how your product has helped people. This will show that your product is of high quality and that your customers are getting value from it.

Keep It Short

As a general rule, a video testimonial should be kept for under two minutes. Anything longer than that will risk losing a viewer’s attention. If you need to give a long video testimonial, include a link to a landing page with a video testimonial meeting the same criteria.

Add Graphics & Text

To make sure that your video testimonial sticks in the minds of your clients and potential clients, you should add graphics and text. This will help break up the video and make it more interesting. Still, you should try not to make the video too long.

You can also add subtitles to your video. These subtitles should act as captions for the video to help increase the chances of the video being shared on social media and the like.

The Bottom Line

Video testimonials are an excellent way to showcase what your customers are saying about you. However, it is important to follow the guidelines in this article to ensure that you create the best video testimonial possible. Video testimonials are a great way to market your business and bring in more customers.

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