Tools to Make Social Media Videos for Ecommerce – Part 2


Videos are one of the most popular types of content on social media sites. Used right, video can bring more people to your website or boost your sales, so you should think carefully about the chances it gives you. However, if you want to get people to watch your content, you’ll need high-quality videos. 

Here are the five best types of video for your marketing strategy:

1. Product Overviews

A good product overview will have a variety of elements. It should also highlight its purpose, features, and pricing structure compared to the competition. Your product overview should also describe where the product is sold so customers know where to find it.

Images of your products should be clear and detailed if you want people to buy it. This will help them think of the product well and make it easier for them to picture themselves with it. You should post photos and videos so everyone can see the images you share. Your customers can see all of the products’ details with video the video, and you can even include dimensions and specs for tech products.

2. Videos about Our Company

Marketers typically focus on two main elements when developing a brand: a name and logo and a slogan or tagline. When people trust your brand, they will continue to turn to it for help as time progresses. You can use a video to build customer relationships, helping them remember your brand. 

Companies cannot rely on text alone to convey their company values and needs; instead, they must use live videos or animations to illustrate their points. Furthermore, showing potential customers what you have to offer can help convince them that your brand is worth the price.

3. Branding Messages

When people hear about the concept for the brand from the person who advanced the idea, they feel more at ease. This kind of communication is essential to demonstrate your company’s values. 

In addition to boosting sales, it has the potential to draw in new employees. Some formats you can experiment with include:

  • An announcement about special offers and new products
  • A video of your appreciation
  • An interview with the company’s founder
  • An invitation on social media announcing the video
  • A live video interview via chatbot to take direct questions about the business

Those live videos are a fantastic approach because they allow for real-time conversation.

4. Explainer Videos 

The script is key to any good explainer video since it is crucial to the design. However, writing a good script demands strong storytelling abilities and perseverance, and depending on how elaborate you want your video to be, specific software may be required. 

A good explainer video will get your audience to understand your products or services without confusion, allowing them to form an accurate opinion of your brand.


When you have a good, high-quality video, you have a better chance of attracting more visitors to your website. This will increase the number of conversions, making it easier to sell your products. Getting the video out there is the hardest part, but once it’s online and gaining traffic, you should be able to increase your sales.

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