Testimonial Videos

We have told hundreds of stories, let us tell yours.

Epic Video Factory is proud of the testimonial videos that we’ve created for our clients.

We understand how important this kind of endorsement is. A professionally made video of this kind engages your target audience and turns prospects into loyal customers.

These testimonial videos are specifically designed to leave a lasting impression. Answering any of the questions your target market may have is one of the useful ways these digital tools can help. Remember, research proves you only have eight seconds to hold someone’s attention. 

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"The team at Epic Video was very professional and prompt with their service. We changed our minds a few times and they were very accommodating. The end product was extremely well produced. Thank you very much!"
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How Testimonial Videos Work

Epic Video Factory has a streamlined process that we use for these types of videos. It’s been proven to work and something we’ve put together based on research and experience. One of the big benefits to this type of marketing tool is it can generate attention from the search engines.

Regardless of the industry that you’re in, getting good rankings with the big players like Google is important. That doesn’t mean that we neglect the biggest video platform in YouTube.


The first part of our testimonial videos’ process is planning. We like to get to know everything we need to about your business so we can do an excellent job. That includes phone calls and a questionnaire that’s specifically designed for this purpose.

After that, we can start crafting your testimonial video. If you take a look at our online customer testimonials on the website, you’ll see that we do an excellent job. People from Chicago to Toronto and all points in between talk about how these products have helped their businesses.

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"I cannot thank you enough for such a fantastic work! The video is amazing with great attention to detail. Thank you so much! It was definitely the right decision to work with your team of professionals."
Mask Group Testimonial Videos
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More Testimonial Video Advantages

Epic Video Factory is proud of the fact that we have one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. That means this type of video is usually completed in 4 to 6 weeks. We use a common format that you can upload to all of the most popular social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

We made the process simple and user friendly. For example, most of our testimonial videos are completed after four steps. We look forward to your input at each of them along the way. Of course, you’ll have final approval on the entire process once the video is done.

Testimonial videos are another one of the proven marketing tools that work.